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MUSEUM #3: William Howard Taft National Historic Site /ADDRESS: 2038 Auburn Avenue (45219) / DESCRIPTION: The 27th US President’s childhood home is maintained by the National Parks Service. Rangers offer free guided tours every 30 minutes. / HOURS: Daily from 8:30 AM-4:45 PM / COST: Free / Image: Sherry Lachelle Photography // Published: 7.12.19

Enjoy This Walking Tour of 4 Unique Museums You Won't Find Anywhere Else

These four museums can only be visited together on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the third Saturday of every month, but if you’re ready to delve into the wonderful worlds of pharmacy, history, and lucky cat statues, we’ve got just the walking tour for you.

Lloyd Library and Museum

ADDRESS: 917 Plum Street (45202)
COST: Free
HOURS: 9 AM-4 PM Monday-Friday and the third Saturday of every month.

Start your self-guided Cincinnati walking tour at the Lloyd Library and Museum on Plum Street where a collection of books, photos, art, medical products, and more date back to 1493. Learn about the history of pharmaceutical chemistry at their permanent exhibit, then explore temporary displays on topics like winter greens and medical marijuana before moving on to your next stop.

Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

ADDRESS: 308 Reading Road (45202)
COST: $8 for adults and $6 for kids
HOURS: 10 AM-4 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

Take a 15-minute walk down W Court Street, then make a left on Main Street and a right onto Reading Road to arrive at the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum. Run completely by volunteers, this museum pays tribute to fallen officers and shares the city’s law enforcement story with displays of uniforms, guns, and other historical artifacts from the area.

William Howard Taft National Historic Site

ADDRESS: 2038 Auburn Avenue (45219)
COST: Free
HOURS: Daily from 8:30 AM-4:45 PM

Next, trek about a mile up Sycamore Street and turn left onto Auburn Avenue to visit the William Howard Taft National Historic Site. The 27th US President’s childhood home is maintained by the National Parks Service. Rangers offer free guided tours every 30 minutes.

Lucky Cat Museum

ADDRESS: 2511 Essex Place #150 (45206)
COST: Free
HOURS: Tuesday-Saturday from 3 PM-6 PM

Finally, continue up Auburn Avenue with a right turn on E McMillan Street and a left onto Essex Place (a roughly 22-minute walk) to discover Ohio’s Lucky Cat Museum. The quirky site pays homage to Maneki Neko—the ‘Beckoning Cat’ lucky charm in Japanese culture—and is home to hundreds of feline statues in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


- The Reds Hall of Fame Museum: the perfect place for a Reds fan and/or local history buff to check out before a ballgame Downtown.

- The Cincinnati Fire Museum: located next door to the Lloyd Library, the museum dives into the history of Cincinnati's role in the creation of professional firefighting.

- The American Sign Museum: if you love neon lights and retro art, this Camp Washington museum is a must-see.

- The Cincinnati Type & Print Museum: for those who want to learn about the machines that once dominated the printed word, this Lower Price Hill spot is right up their alley.

- Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum: dummies collected, displayed, and definitely not at all creepy in Fort Thomas.

- The Behringer-Crawford Museum: it's the history of Northern Kentucky laid out in miniature form in Devou Park.

- The Tri-State Warbird Museum: WWII buffs would be wise to give this museum in Batavia a visit.

Of course, the list goes on. Do you have a personal favorite unique museum we didn't list above? Let us know! Email us at