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Chic Sprinkles: There is nothing better than these adorable dog photos from Chic Sprinkles. -- Image courtesy of Chic Sprinkles

9 Cincy-Area Bloggers To Watch

There's no denying the creative energy that continues to grow within Cincinnati's sweet boundaries (and beyond). From startups to art galleries, there's always something new, fresh, and innovative keeping us on our toes.

One of our latest obsessions is the ever-evolving blogosphere. Here are a few of our favorite Cincinnati-area bloggers.

1) Out + Outfit

If you're looking for inspiration on not only what to wear, but where to wear it, this is the local lady to follow. Wondering where the latest and greatest restaurants in town are (and what heels would pair perfectly with your date night look)? She's got you covered.

As of late, you can even find her sporting a cute new accessory: her adorable baby boy, Harrison. Being a new momma hasn't kept her from exploring all that the Queen City has to offer (or from looking her chicest while doing it). Get noticed with this fabulous lady.

2) Lemons for Lulu

If there's one thing that everybody -- or at least every foodie/ aspiring culinarian -- needs in their lives, it's a favorite food blogger. If you're still searching, Tanya from Lemons for LuLu should be your new go-to gal.

Bruschetta Dip with Soppresatta? She makes it.
Frosted Sugar Cookie Bundt Cake? She bakes it.

Pretty much anything your tastes buds can conjure up, she very well might have a recipe for it. Get your bookmark tab ready for some recipe-saving! (Or just go ahead and order her latest cookbook, Sandwiched).

3) Skinny Mom

You don't have to be a mom or super skinny to love everything that Brooke Griffin is sharing on her healthy lifestyle page. Whether you're searching for health tips, quick workouts you can do in the morning, or skinnified recipes to cut back on the calories, this site is a mecca for all women.

The creator of the site, Brooke, is also a former University of Kentucky and BenGal cheerleader, so we're going to go ahead and take her word on the subject of energetic, healthy living.

4) Chic Sprinkles

It was love at first click when we first visited Sarah's blog, which is filled with adorable photography of her 8-year-old shihtzu, Coco Bean. We've never witnessed a dog that is quite as photogenic as this little cutie.

This dog-lover's dream site has everything from healthy homemade dog treats to DIY Dalmatian print stationery. The photography alone is reason enough to take a visit to the site, as Sarah personally captures every bright and beautiful moment herself.

5) House Tweaking

Whether you call the suburbs, the East Side, the West Side, or Downtown home, who isn't always on the lookout for some fresh home inspo?

Dana, the creative force behind this blog, has taken home decor and DIY-ing to the next level. And, lucky for us, she has recorded and posted every step of her adventures. There's something bright, bold, and beautiful about every interior design photo she shares. Get your Pinterest "Dream Home" board ready.

6) The Gnarly Gnome

What would the Queen City be without our abundance of breweries? Boring beer drinkers, that's what. Good thing the Gnarly Gnome has us covered, pointing the way to all the local brews we need to get our hands on.

Beer lovers rejoice, because the gnome gets down to the nitty-gritty goodness of every type of beer, brewery, and taproom around. Cheers.

7) Baubles to Bubbles

This twenty-something Cincy gal is a lover of champagne and stylish looks, and who can't get down with those things?

Olivia is one of the youngest members of Thread Cincinnati, a group of fashion-focused and Queen City-touting bloggers. While the blog is filled with Olivia's latest looks, she also shares cocktail recipes, gift guides, and her favorite local retailers. And we can't help but secretly squeal when our favorite city makes background cameos in her photoshoots.

8) Go Haus Go

When it comes to area-pride, Cincinnatians are often known for leaving out our friendly Northern Kentucky neighbors. But this is one blogger that's swinging the spotlight back KY's way.

Emily has been sharing her creative, quirky, and adorably vintage home decor style with us since 2013, and we're eating it up. She may be a marketing professional by day, but she is a decorating maven by night-- turning her 1800s-era home into a DIY dream.

9) Queen City Discovery

There's no shortage of history in the Queen City, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Though this blog began as a way to chronicle the urban adventures of Ronny Salerno (the site's creator and main contributor), it has became a visually driven story of Cincinnati.

Abandoned country clubs, fading advertising, and Waffle House visits have all taken their respective star turns on this page at one time or another. This is definitely not another cliche, cityscape-photography site. And for that we're grateful. Come along and uncover some of the Tri-state's hidden gems and forgotten treasures with these urban explorers.

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Rev up your Netflix, cozy into your couch, and pull out your computer, folks. It's time to get your blog on!