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Price Hill has one of the most beautiful views of Downtown Cincinnati. And thanks to plenty of community pride (and lots of time & energy invested into redevelopment), there are plenty of reasons to spend a day there. // Pictured: Incline Public House / Image courtesy of Incline Public House

15 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To Price Hill

There's something happening in Price Hill. But it's not what you think.

First, let's abandon the normal urban redevelopment jargon -- words like "renaissance" that writers (myself included) are fond of using in order to imply the community we're writing about somehow magically appeared this morning. (It's a way of absolving us for not noticing it was there yesterday, too.)

In fact, Price Hill -- Lower, East, and West -- is one of Cincinnati's oldest communities. Its population has declined over the past 30 years, but 31,000 people live there (that's 10 percent of the City of Cincinnati). And the population is growing as the community becomes younger.

Those 31,000 residents live on six square miles of diverse terrain. Price Hill's neighborhoods are similarly diverse; not every business is prospering and not every street is on the up-and-up. But the community has a definite sense of momentum, and signs of activity abound.

This is where Seton, Elder, and the now famous Oyler School are located. It's where you can find Primavista and Incline Public House. It's also among Cincinnati's greenest communities, and the arts scene is thriving as well.

Still, Price Hill is predominantly residential. So when the non-profit community development agency Price Hill Will was incorporated in 2004, its mission encompassed not only physical revitalization and commercial development, but also wholesale community engagement. That is, the organization relies upon community feedback to decide what projects to pursue.

"Our board members who oversee our priorities and hold us accountable are all residents or business owners in Price Hill, so this is definitely an organization that focuses on what the community wants," says Executive Director Ken Smith. "Our priorities run the gamut, including safety, youth development, clean streets, art, and environmental issues."

Thanks in part to Price Hill Will, the community is now a place of young artists, communal green spaces, fine dining, generous philanthropy, and 62 newly renovated homes.

Here are a few examples of attractions that showcase Price Hill's redevelopment:

Warsaw Federal Incline Theater

This contemporary venue hosts plays and musicals produced by Cincinnati Landmark Productions. It has been a boon to the area since it opened last year. Avenue Q wrapped up on March 6, but you can see Glengarry Glen Ross in April.

Incline Public House

Named after one of the famous Cincinnati incline cars that traveled to Price Hill, the Incline Public House offers a breathtaking view of downtown Cincinnati. The new-American cuisine is delicious as well.

BLOC Coffee Company

No community is complete without a great coffee place where people can come together and socialize. That's BLOC Coffee Company. In addition to having delicious coffee, it also serves as a platform for visual artists.


This is the site of Price Hill's upscale dining scene. And as its name suggests, the view is absolutely fantastic (not unlike Incline Public House, which is all but next door). Great place for date night!

Mt. Echo Park & Olden View Park

These two parks offer that incredible view of the city we all love. But they are just two of the many parks and green spaces that dot Price Hill.

St. Lawrence Bakery

This is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it place near Warsaw Avenue, but their pastries and donuts pack a punch -- a delicious, delicious punch.

Price Hill Chili

This spot is probably what you think of when you think of Price Hill. It's a neighborhood institution. Great chili, but don't sleep on the deli sandwiches.


A free youth orchestra program in Price Hill that offers children the opportunity to learn violin, viola, cello, or bass. It's one example of how Price Hill Will, which works with MYCincinnati, is improving the community through the arts.

Warsaw Project Gallery

Currently home to new works by abstract impressionist artist Luminous Lish, whose paintings are unique and beautiful. (Be warned: If you follow the link, the site plays music. You're welcome.)

The Flats Art Gallery

Together with the Warsaw Project Gallery, The Flats Art Gallery is the center of Price Hill's arts scene. And what a center it is. Some of these paintings are stunning. Just another indication that the arts are part of the fabric of these neighborhoods.

ArtsWorks Murals

With three murals in Price Hill, ArtsWorks has a definite presence in the community. The murals are a reflection of the neighborhood's character, and passersby can admire everyday.

Imago for Earth

Imago is a grassroots environmental nonprofit that provides educational experiences by reconnecting people to the natural world. Imago collaborates with schools, social service agencies, businesses, and community organizations to focus on sustainability and conservation. It operates on a 16-acre Earth Center in the Enright Ridge Urban Eco-village.

Bonus Pick:

Veracruz Mexican Grill

This place just -- literally, just -- opened across from BLOC Coffee Company. Early signs are that it's a pretty delicious spot to get some Mexican food.

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Want to get a peek at life in Price Hill? Hop in to the photo gallery above and get acquainted with some of these great spots.