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Campervan Rentals For The Ultimate Road Trip / Image: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff // Published: 5.24.2021
Campervan Rentals For The Ultimate Road Trip / Image: Amy Elisabeth Spasoff // Published: 5.24.2021
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Campervan Rentals for the Ultimate Road Trip

Being cooped up during COVID shutdown has people thinking about vacations. We are all tired of being at home, and it shows: there is a dearth of rental cars, resorts are booked through August, and airports are almost as crowded as they were in late 2019.

What if you didn't have to worry about any of that?

Best friends Sofia and Emily, both avid runners, combined Sofia's marketing skills and Emily's camping experience to bring camper vans to Cincinnati.

What's a camper van? This isn't your dad's RV, for sure. It's a retrofitted cargo van that allows you to camp in comfort and style. These vans, which accommodate anywhere from 1-2 people to families, have everything you need to camp, from stoves to linens to even a toilet or shower! All you have to do is bring some food and clothes and pick your destination.

Emily was inspired by the vans that you can rent in Iceland — and realized there was no equivalent in our area. Emily— with a lot of trial and error— retrofitted the first van and was off and running (or in this case, driving!). Eventually, Emily left her teaching job and took up Aclipse full-time. Sofia, a convert to camping,

There are three sizes of vans: the Explorer (sleeps 3), The Troop (sleeps 4, with a rooftop tent) and the Explorer (sleeps 2). They all have memory foam mattresses, fridges, stoves, sinks, and food storage and prices range from $135-185 a night, with a discount per night if you take the van for a month or longer. All you need to bring are yourselves, your food and clothing, and a destination!

Aclipse campers range from families going to Red River Gorge for a weekend, to retirees going on a month-long tour of the Western U.S. and everyone in between. Pets are welcome (there is a pet fee), and as long as you stay in the US and Canada, you can roam as far as you’d like.

You can set up at established campgrounds, which have shower facilities, or Aclipse can rent you a shower and toilet (with an additional charge). Taking a bike or two? You can rent a bike rack, or some of the models include enough space to store a bike. Want to rough it a little more than the rather glam van? Aclipse can rent you a tent!

They’ve thought of everything— from salt and pepper shakers, to a pour-over coffee pot, to dishtowels (who remembers to bring dish towels?). Each van is right out of Pinterest, with coordinated interiors. It feels more like a small hotel room than a van! Even newbie campers will feel comfortable — not only are the amenities A+, but Aclipse provides you with all sorts of resources that will prepare you for camping, including how to use the camp stove, safety features and preventative measures, and even how to use the shower and camp toilet!

Between each use, the whole van is cleaned from top to bottom with COVID-19 friendly disinfection protocols, and you can practice social distancing by signing your paperwork online. After a quick walk through (and you can park your car at Aclipse), you’ll be on the road.

So where do you want to go? Aclipse still has reservations available for this summer, whether you’re looking for a long weekend or a cross-country tour. Just head to their website and fill out their reservation form, then start planning your summertime adventure.