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The Pickle Factory Boutique Hotel - In a Pickle / Image: Courtesy of The Neat Suites / Published: 8.27.2021
The Pickle Factory Boutique Hotel - In a Pickle / Image: Courtesy of The Neat Suites / Published: 8.27.2021
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A Peek Inside the New Pickle Factory Boutique Hotel in Covington

A once-crumbling building in Covington's central business district is now a new boutique hotel and it's kind of a big dill.

In a 148-year-old former pickle jarring factory right off of Madison Ave. is the Pickle Factory Boutique Hotel, operated by Neat Suites. Founded in 2019 by Jeremiah Hines and Ed Feldmann, Neat Suites was created as a way to bring property owners and travelers together in a different, unique way. Today, they have several short-term rentals across Greater Cincinnati, but the opportunity to operate The Pickle Factory is one they especially relish (oh, the puns).

The Pickle Factory boasts unique designs in each of its eight themed rooms to give you an immersive, enjoyable experience every time you stay -- whether it's a staycation, bringing someone in for business or hosting a loved one while they're in town. "The intricate designs of each room really are what transforms a space into an experience and that is thanks to our designer, Mandy Lehman with MANMAN Studios," says Sara Palomino, PR and Social Media Manager for Neat Suites.

Each theme reflects phases of the space’s diverse history. With the flair of a 19th-century aristocrat, two suites pay homage to the building’s first owner, Henry Wenzel. The bubbly theme of another suite harkens back to when the building was built in 1873 to house Covington Bottling Works, a soda pop factory. The building sits on the corner of Tobacco and Electric Alley, which inspired the Neon Lights Room as well as the popular Cigar & Bourbon Room. The building was even the former home of the African American Odd Fellows, so another suite's theme relays that storied past. And we can't forget The Pickle Jar Room, which is covered in every kind of pickle decor (yes that's a thing) you could imagine, complete with a pickle costume hidden in the room for guests to find and wear if they'd like. Because, why not?

While the rooms are whimsical and artistic, you'll also find all the comforts and luxuries of a short term rental. “We are committed to providing the most unique, clean, and relaxing spaces in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and surrounding areas,” Palomino adds.

In the future, The Pickle Factory's ground floor will be home to a bourbon blending experience called Wenzel Whiskey. Hines and Feldmann are currently working with developers to create this space to be one where customers come in, taste and create their own bourbon blends to match the interests of their own palette – and then order bottles of that new blend. Make sure you're following Neat Suites on Facebook or Instagram to be the first to hear more on that.

Neat Suites recently became Marriott Homes and Villas’ first partner in the region, so Marriott members can use their rewards when booking a Neat Suites location through Marriott Homes and Villas.

Now that The Pickle Factory is now available for booking on Neat Suites' website, Hines and Feldmann are on the lookout for their next property to manage and infuse with life. “For people who own properties and would like to rent them but do not care to manage or need a better managing team, Neat Suites will take care of making it hospitable and listing it for the property owner,” says Palomino.

Learn more about Neat Suites and their properties at