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Black & Brass Lighting

Wiseway Wednesday: Top Three Lighting & Plumbing Design Trends

If you're following interior design trends in 2022, you might feel pulled in several different directions. Dark and moody, light and airy, and you can't forget about farmhouse! Those styles are still popular, but we're seeing some new trends emerge. We'll cover what's most popular in lighting and plumbing fixtures. And what type of products people are selecting for their new build or remodel.

Matte Black & Brushed Gold - Mixed Metals

Matte black and a variety of soft golds are practically everywhere - from lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, to furniture and accessories. Mixing metals in the same fixture has become the most sought-after style in the previous year and it's not slowing down. Our previous lighting market visit to Dallas was testament that this trend is not going away anytime soon.

  • Lighting - Mixed finishes in lighting are plentiful. If you're trying to incorporate either matte black or brushed gold into your room, lighting is a simple way to make that introduction. A touch of soft gold on a black fixture adds a hint of warmth to the otherwise very neutral piece. This permits other gold pieces in the room such as accessories or accent furniture.

  • Plumbing - Popular both in the kitchen and bath, two-toned faucets are increasingly popular in the kitchen and bathroom. Kohler's Tone series of faucets checks off not only the box of two-toned finishes, but the transitional style box as well. From farmhouse, to contemporary, and midcentury modern, the Tone family fits in anywhere. It helps open up the options of lighting and accessories as seen in the photo below. A gold mirror would totally change the look of the space - but either black or gold would feel appropriate.

Polished Nickel

This is a classic, neutral finish. Not to be confused with chrome! Chrome has slightly cool undertone whereas polished nickel is much warmer. When pairing with earthy paint colors and natural wood, polished nickel is the proven choice. Since it is a polished finish, it adds a touch of shine. We like to call it adding "jewelry" to the home.


Organic fixtures with woven textures like rattan are popular in lighting for 2022. They help bring nature indoors and create a more casual feel. "Organic" can describe any natural texture in furniture, lighting, and accessories. An example of this below is from Uttermost. The woven rope detail around the mirror can be found in furniture pieces like stools, benches, and chairs.

The natural texture of rattan is sourced from a Scandinavian origin. Rattan can be found on furniture and lighting pieces like this Uttermost bench. Even the grass cloth wallpaper in the lifestyle shot brings in more woven texture.

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Caitlin Skaggs is the Digital & E-Commerce Manager at Wiseway Supply. To learn more, visit here or call 859-292-1309.