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Whisk & Wag is a bake-at-home dog treat mix owned by the F.L. Emmert Company. Just add water and a splash of oil and your treat is good to go! / Image courtesy of Whisk & Wag // Published: 3.21.17

Whisk & Wag Is A Bake-At-Home Dog Treat Mix That’s Perfect For You & Your Pup

If you can’t wait for the work day to be over so you can get home to your dog... ?If you’re one of those people who greets pets before people when you arrive at a party... ?If you think your dog is the cutest and tell him/her so on a daily basis...

Well then, you’re totally a dog lover — and this article, about Whisk & Wag, is the article for you.


I mean, duh. It’s also the way to my heart. (But this isn’t about me, this is about your dog.) And that’s where Whisk & Wag comes in. The company, a subsidiary of the F.L. Emmert Company, offers a bake-at-home pet treat mix.

Think of it like a Duncan Hines brownie mix. You grab the bowl, the mixing spoon, etc. You get this feeling like you’re creating something from scratch, though it’s already halfway created.

That’s Whisk & Wag for ya. Just add water and a splash of oil. The simplicity of the baking process is what grabs your interest, but the bonding experience for the whole family (adorable pooch included) is what keeps you coming back for more.

Currently, the company offers an Apple & Cinnamon Dog Treat Mix along with a bone-shaped cookie cutter for you to create homemade treats.

Their motto is “Homemade Love,” and man are we feeling the pet love from these guys. To top it all off, they worked with local agency Spicefire on one heckuva cute photo shoot which you can view in the gallery above.

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To purchase some Whisk & Wag treats, head to the website.