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"Welcome Home" to Rüya Turkish Coffee and Fortune Reading Immersive Experience Pop-Up at 2 / Photo: Hailey Bollinger

"Welcome Home" to Rüya Turkish Coffee and Fortune Reading Immersive Experience Pop-Up at 2

Take a dive into Turkish culture and enjoy a unique fortune-telling experience with a new pop-up and immersive experience at 21c Cincinnati.

The alluring aroma of rich Turkish coffee wafts through the air, with brightly colored art and tapestries on every wall, as traditionally-trained baristas carefully prepare each cup. A Rüya fortune teller sits in the far corner of the room reading a visitor's coffee grounds, a practiced ancient art.

You would think you had just stepped into in a little coffee shop off the streets of Turkey, but really, you’re in the lobby at 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnati.

For a limited time, there’s a Rüya Turkish coffee immersive fortune-telling experience at 21c and you can't miss it. Not only will you fall in love with the bold and beautiful Turkish coffee, but the experience features Rüya’s master fortune teller Mama Rüya as she shares the traditional practice of Turkish coffee fortune telling.

Turkish coffee readings go back as far as the 16th century, so there’s a long history of the tradition. Whether you’re looking for a fun approach or want to take it a bit more seriously, both are welcomed when doing a reading.

Utensils are important when doing a reading, that’s why Rüya’s ensures that it provides you with the correct saucer and cup to give you the best reading. You’re able to sit back and relax while enjoying your coffee, because the grounds leftover are what’s used to complete your reading.

It’s the muddy sediment at the bottom of the cup that is swirled around after turning the cup upside down on its saucer. Once this ritual is done, you'll find that there’s a pattern on the inside walls of the cup, and that’s where the fortune reveals itself.

Mama Rüya will decode the patterns and shapes on the saucer and within your cup, and she can tell you about special icons that can be symbols or related to certain things. And, the most important part of the reading, is to interpret the impression and not just the isolated symbols.

Turkish coffee readings are done in Europe, but they’ve grown in popularity all over the world. Now, you’re getting a chance to experience a unique cultural tradition without leaving the Queen City.

The immersive pop-up coffee bar is at 21c every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 3pm until March 27 in the 21c lobby, with one-on-one sessions also available during this time. The cost is $5 for a cup of Turkish coffee and $25 for a traditional Turkish coffee and fortune reading. You also have the option to purchase a Turkish Coffee Kit either during your visit or online.

You can learn more about Rüya and founder Melis Aydogan here. You can also schedule your own reading by clicking here.