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Six Ways To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations / Image: Provided by Megan Stacey Group

Six Ways To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

Looking for ways to modernize your space without a big spend?

The Megan Stacey Group of Coldwell Banker Realty recently hosted their annual Wine & Design event to learn timely tips and trends from local design experts and they shared their learnings with us.

Christine Masur, co-owner of Nest Home Staging + Design, and Jackie Barnes, the principal of Jackie Barnes Designs, were the presenters at this design savvy event. Here are their six top tips:

  1. Make Old New: Mix vintage or heirloom pieces that have sentimental value with modern, on-trend pieces to create interior spaces that tell your personal design story.
  2. Wow Your Walls: Add interest to your walls with whimsical wallpaper and custom artwork.
  3. Zone In On Function: “You do you” when defining spaces, so rooms function for your family and lifestyle. For example, add stools for a chic way to keep extra seating on hand without visually weighing down a room. Bonus points if the stools with storage!
  4. Layer Up: Layer design styles, textures and colors to create unique and interesting spaces that showcase your personal style. Just like with fashion, layering a room pulls together a cohesive and styled look while adding depth and personality.
  5. Wellness Well Done: Whether it’s a Zen Den, dedicated workout room or spa-like bathroom, be sure to carve out intentional spaces and incorporate healthy design elements to improve personal wellness.
  6. Show Your Design Mood: Lean in to what you love to design spaces that reflect your personality. Think “how do I want to feel in this room?” Warm and cozy? Bright and friendly? Whimsical bc creative? Calm and soothing? Maybe even create a mood board to visualize it, then find design elements that support it.

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