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LOCATION: "Playhous" exhibit in Columbus, Indiana / Mollie is a local Instagram celebrity. Famous for posing on fire hydrants in front of ArtWorks murals (and other Cincy landmarks), this hound dog has officially stolen our hearts. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @molliethehounddoggie / Image: Patti Mossey (Mollie’s owner and #1 fan) // Published: 5.1.18

Meet The Local Instagram Dog Celebrity That’s Stolen Our Hearts

Most dogs do you-know-what on fire hydrants. But Mollie Well, Mollie is different. She poses on fire hydrants (and other objects), shining a spotlight on the ArtWorks murals that exist proudly in the background, along with a myriad of other city highlights.

And did you know that Mollie has a walk-up song? We didn’t either, until we asked. Thanks to dog translator Patti Mossey, who also happens to be Mollie’s owner, we learned a good deal about this adorable hound dog that’s stealing our hearts on Instagram.

Cincinnati Refined: How old was Mollie when you got her?

Patti Mossey: Mollie was about seven months old when we adopted her in August of 2016. Her shelter name was "MC," which is why if she ever starts a band she wants to call it "MC Mollie and the Hound Doggies."

CR: What prompted your interest in getting a dog?

PM: I had a dog prior to Mollie—#saoirsethemutt. She was 15 years old when she died. (I adopted her at eight weeks old.) After she passed, we said we weren't going to get a dog for a while. We would be able to travel, maybe do a long trip to Europe, etc. We lasted one week (exactly seven days) before adopting Mollie. The house just seemed empty without a little furry buddy around!

CR: What part of town do you call home?

PM: We live in College Hill.

CR: What’s Mollie’s favorite food?

PM: This is a three-way tie between peanut butter, cheese, and anything that comes in a crinkly bag.

CR: What’s Mollie’s favorite local bar/hang out spot?

PM: Mollie's favorite local bar is Brink, which is also the first bar where she ever hung out! Her favorite hang out spot has to be Washington Park, as there’s always something fun going on. Mollie has a particular fondness for outdoor craft shows, so she is looking forward to attending upcoming City Fleas, Hamilton Fleas, the OFF Market, and the Westwood Art Show.

CR: What’s the deal with her jumping on things for photos? How did that come about?

PM: We knew pretty quickly that Mollie loved to jump up on stuff when we went for hikes in the woods. I started the Instagram account as a way to keep in touch with the shelter volunteers that loved her, and—at first—just posted woodsy pictures of her on stumps and logs.

After training with the Cincinnati Dog Wizard, Mollie learned the command "place," which essentially tells the dog to go to a designated spot. One day while walking around the neighborhood we jokingly told Mollie to "place" on a fire hydrant, and she shocked us when she actually hopped up onto the hydrant. This was right around the time I had started taking pictures of Mollie in front of ArtWorks murals. You'd be surprised at how many murals have hydrants or posts in front of them. It just was a natural progression for Mollie to start posing for pictures while perching.

CR: If Mollie could be any TV sitcom character (from a show that’s on now or in the past), who would she be?

PM: She would be Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He is always getting himself into awkward situations. Mollie is good at handling awkward situations, such as standing on a fire hydrant.

CR: What’s her happy place?

PM: Mollie's happy place is her backyard, lounging in the sun with a good stick, surveying her domain, and feeling satisfied that she has — at least, temporarily — banished all the birds and squirrels.

CR: Does she have any dog crushes? If so, who?

PM: Ooo, great question! Mollie has a couple of dog crushes. Number one is Maddie, of This Wild Idea/Theron Humphrey fame. Maddie is the original (and best ever) balancing dog. She has a couple of books out (e.g. Maddie on Things and, most recently, Maddie Lounging On Things).

Mollie's other canine crush is Momo. Momo's human is photographer Andrew Knapp, and they have published a series of books called Find Momo. Knapp finds the most gorgeous scenes to photograph, and Momo hides in them with only the adorable little top of his head showing. Mollie would totally geek out fan-girl style if she ever met either of these pups.

CR: Mollie’s walk-up song would be ________.

"Connection" by Elastica'. Mollie is quite a big fan of '90s Britpop.

- - -

To keep tabs on Mollie, be sure to follow her on Instagram @molliethehounddoggie.