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Megs Gelfgot, founder of KEEP Her Wild / Image courtesy of KEEP Her Wild // Published: 3.3.21

The Surf-Skate Sisterhood Where Women Find Their Fierce+Feminine Nature

You know those people who have that right mix of charisma and cool. They have this energy, this slightly intoxicating vibe. You either want to be them or be friends with them. That's Megs Gelfgot.

Picture one of the Amazonian warriors from Themyscira (a.k.a. Wonder Woman’s homeland) with luscious red locks, the strength of an Olympian, and the ability to smash fear as her superpower. Also, this Amazon warrior princess travels by skateboard and sports ripped jeans, Vans, and a beanie. That’s Megs: the shredder of concrete waves. And soon, she will inspire you to do the same.

KEEP Her Wild, a ladies skate collective, started in an empty parking lot in 2018 and was later shared at a TEDx Talk at Memorial Hall in 2019. It is based locally, but has gained steam outside of the 275 loop.

Originally from Tuscon, Arizona, Megs landed in Cincinnati by way of her husband in 2011. Her CV includes law enforcement, fitness trainer, digital content creator, wife, mom, dog mom, and ollie executor.

Megs did not always hang at the skate park, but after years of curiosity, she finally explored this untapped interest. Her first few times on the board weren't Insta-worthy.

Sometimes you gotta fall to know that you can get back up. Sometimes you gotta bust through the walls you have unintentionally built for yourself to rewrite that self-limiting narrative. By picking up a board, Megs has formed something much larger than herself and her own desire to smash society’s pre-determined labels of housewife/mom/lost soul. She’s created a community, a “surf-skate sisterhood that encourages women to find [and embrace] their fierce + feminine nature.”

If you were to join a KEEP Her Wild meet-up, you will find a hodgepodge group of incredible ladies who are connected by a passion to Be Brave. Stay Wild. and Live RAD, which stands for Really Awesome Days.

Reclaim a bit of that wild child you once were. All you have to do is grab a board. Follow KEEP Her Wild on Facebook, Instagram, or visit the website directly to find details about upcoming virtual and in-person events.