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Galia Collaborative supports women and girls to deeply know and grow their power through psychotherapy, coaching, and leadership development. / Photo: Provided by Galia Collaborative // Published: 8.5.2021
Galia Collaborative supports women and girls to deeply know and grow their power through psychotherapy, coaching, and leadership development. / Photo: Provided by Galia Collaborative // Published: 8.5.2021
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Galia Collaborative: On a Mission to Develop Mental Wellness

Helping women know and grow their power. That's the mission at Galia Collaborative.

Founder, Dr. Ashley Solomon, built it to amplify the impact of purpose-driven women by developing their mental wellness. They serve this mission through therapy, coaching, programming, and content.

"We know that the impact of women will be elevated when they are supported to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing," says Solomon. "We provide accessible services and thoughtful programs and content developed by women's mental health experts."

Solomon has first-hand knowledge of what it's like to go through burnout culture, something that is becoming more common after a global pandemic shuttered businesses and turned our daily lives upside down.

In an effort to promote mental wellbeing, Solomon wanted to modernize traditional therapy and do something different.

"I wanted to take the years that I had spent developing treatment approaches and programming for women and create a space that addressed the needs of busy professionals in a modern, gender-responsive, and evidence-based way," she says. "I've always been focused on trying to answer how we can elevate the voices and impact of women, and I see that empowering women's mental health is key."

Solomon's early career focused on treating people with eating disorders. It’s something she spent more than a decade specializing in, and from that work found she wanted to address the challenges and problems others encountered while trying to seek out mental health care.

“I know first-hand the importance and power of strong, targeted mental healthcare in amplifying our impact on the world,” she says. “I know that for myself, if I hadn’t had the opportunity for really great treatment and therapy, that not only would I not be able to do the work that I’m doing now but I don’t think my voice would be able to have a larger impact.”

Additionally, Solomon wants to be able to translate the mental health concepts she introduces to patients to be understandable and accessible. She wants those relevant pieces of information she shares to help them understand the psychological science behind it all and use it to advance their own lives.

Solomon says they work with both individuals and organizations. "For businesses, we offer consultation on how to support the mental health of their employees, workshops to address challenges in mental wellness, and ongoing leadership programming that draws upon psychological science and mental health to improve the impact of women," she explains. "We've worked with P&G, EY, Kao, and Fifth Third Bank, just to name a few."

Solomon is joined in her practice by several other women who want to help change the lives of others including Associate Clinical Director and licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Amber Stevens; licensed clinical counselor Jen Burns; licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Sarah Cox; licensed marriage and family therapist Rebecca Freking; licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Becki Apseloff; licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Sarah Lavanier; licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Bryn Martinez Zavras; child psychiatrist Dr. Carol Engel; and licensed clinical social worker and certified eating disorder specialist and supervisor Michelle Piven.

The team at Galia Collaborative is focused on providing individual clients and organizations with action-oriented steps to change their lives in a meaningful and impactful way. Group sessions are also available including workshops and Thrive Circles.

To learn more about Galia Collaborative, visit here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.