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Female Founders: Jane Gentile Edelmann, Intact Counseling Group
Female Founders: Jane Gentile Edelmann, Intact Counseling Group
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Female Founders: Jane Gentile Edelmann, Intact Counseling Group

A special thanks to Johnson Investment Counsel for their support as we share inspiring journeys of female founders across Greater Cincinnati. Stay tuned for more stories in this Female Founders series each month!

For Jane Gentile Edelmann, founder of Intact Counseling Group, being a counselor and business owner has been a process of "becoming" over the past 40 years.

“I started as a project manager in a business setting right out of college,” she recalls. “After working in this field for about seven years, I ‘retired’ from the workplace and became a full-time wife, mother of three sons, household manager, and was involved in church activities.”

After about 17 years, her oldest son got married and she decided that her next step was to return to school to get her Master’s Degree in counseling. Now, she’s a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist uniquely experienced in working with individuals struggling with sexual, love and relationship addictions, sexual betrayal trauma, codependence, sexually compulsive behaviors and their impact on partners, marriages, and families.

“In 2012, I became licensed as a professional counselor and went into a group private practice,” she shares. “This is where I met my current business partner, Steve Andry, and we began working together helping individuals and couples heal from difficult personal and relational issues.” They partnered together for over five years, gaining important training and experience. Then, in 2017, they began their own private practice, Intact Counseling Group.

“At Intact, we provide counseling services to equip individuals, couples, and groups to fully embrace their uniqueness, restore lost hope, and live life in healthy and purposeful ways,” Edelmann says. “Our goal is to guide our clients in becoming their most authentic selves and to heal addictive behaviors, unhealthy relationship patterns, by promoting emotional and mental well-being. We are committed to find the roots of the issues our client present to us – not just ‘fixing' the current issue but rather looking deeper into unresolved pain from their past.”

Edelmann says the more she works in the field of counseling the more she’s become interested in the wholeness of a person. “Meaning, we are comprised of different dimensions of humanity such as spirituality, physical health and wellness, emotional and mental well-being, intellectual and relational functioning, and our sexuality. We all have all dimensions,” she explains. “Unfortunately, all of these components are not prioritized equally in our culture, in the families we grow up in, and in our value systems. This impacts how we function in the world. In the therapeutic relationship, we create an environment which allows a client to address some of the emotional and psychological impacts or wounds that show up in their life today.”

At Intact, Edelmann says, everyone brings unique gifts and strengths as clinicians and everyone values continuing personal and professional growth. “That’s what makes working here so special,” she says. “In many ways we work to become a ‘healthy family’ where each member is seen as valuable, precious, and lovable. We strive to function in healthy ways in all areas of our life so we consistently show up for our clients to be qualified ‘fellow travelers’ on the road to recovery, growth and healing.”

When asked if she had any advice for other female founders, she says to find your authentic self and take your place in the world. “Speak your truth, believe in the dream which resides deep inside of you and take your time in walking it into reality,” she adds. “The lessons you learn from living your life can shape the kind of leader you become!”

Outside of working, Edelmann enjoys spending time with her husband Larry. “We have three grown sons, a daughter-in-law, a daughter-in-heart, and three amazing grandchildren who fill our free time with so much joy,” she shares. "I enjoy reading, cooking, growing in my faith, and learning how to be in the present moment and to practice gratitude!”

To learn more about Edelmann and Intact Counseling Group, visit

Thanks again to Johnson Investment Counsel for their support of this Female Founders series. Click here to learn more about their "Women, Wealth & Johnson" initiative that's encouraging and empowering women to thrive.