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Envision Cinemas is located in Blue Ash at 4780 Cornell Rd. (45241). / Image: Clay Griffith, Cincinnati Refined
Envision Cinemas is located in Blue Ash at 4780 Cornell Rd. (45241). / Image: Clay Griffith, Cincinnati Refined
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Envision Cinemas Is The "Chosen One" Of Movie Theatres


There's a lot -- a whoooole lot -- we could say about Envision Cinemas (the newly opened "dinner & a movie" Shangri-La that's about to elevate your date-night to a whole new plane).

But all you truly need to know is that this spot is THE most thought-out, deeply vetted, fully realized theatre we've seen in a while. Hands down.

No joke. No exaggeration.


Aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up gurus, business-runners, and job-creators out there. Do yourselves a serious solid and swing by this Blue Ash fixture-to-be. You'll want to pay special attention to...

* The fluid/ impeccably timed interplay between all of the theatre/restaurant's various elements -- eating, watching, relaxing, enjoying. (We're talkin' 'bout some super-smooth clockwork here.)

* The nigh-onto ergonomic way those elements fill the facility's space. (The dining areas. The indoor/outdoor patio. The private event spaces. The movie-watching zones. ... Like. A. Glove.)

* The subtle/ oh-so-fetching mid-century-inflected vibe. (A soaring roof here. A cushy booth there.)

* The generous number of beer taps, including a bevy of local labels. (Know thy audience, right?)

* The number of truly state-of-the-art amenities packed into every facet of the Envision experience. ("Are those in-booth televisions in the restaurant?" Why yes. Yes, they are.)


Now we can all put those Moleskine "ideation notebooks" away. Just sit back, relax, and let Envision infuse its Hogwart's-level magic into your evening. ... Or morning. (Hey, some of us dig a nice matinee once in a while.)

You can take the "Go Big" route:
Show up early and soak up the dine-in experience prior to your flick. Save the after-dinner bits (drinks, desserts, etc.) for the actual movie. It's an entire night's awesomeness, wrapped up in one dreamy package.

Or you can opt for the "One Fell Swoop" approach:
Enjoy your meal -- dinner, drinks, et al. -- right from the comfy splendor of your theatre seat. Leave everything else -- the timing, the refills, the everything -- to the Envision crew They've got it all figured out.


Don't miss the popcorn.

Let's just say that you can pretty much get Envision's entire vibe in one tasty handful. Yep, the organization's whole "intentional/ decisive/ creative/ uncompromising/ mad-genius" thing is even at play in the popcorn. Enjoy.


Get at me after your next date-night. (I'll have the "Toldjya So"s all warmed up.)

- - -

Envision Cinemas is located in Blue Ash at 4780 Cornell Road (45241).