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Emma Schmidt & Associates Opens New Location in Ft. Mitchell / Photo: Provided by Emma Schmidt & Associates

Emma Schmidt & Associates Opens New Location in Ft. Mitchell

Emma Schmidt & Associates, local experts on sex and relationships, announced the opening of their new Ft. Mitchell KY office. The practice, which specializes in helping individuals, couples, kids, and families with their sexual health and overall relationship needs, opened its first doors back in 2011 and now serves clients in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Schmidt says she was inspired to open a new location in the community when she saw the potential there and all that she could bring to residents in Northern Kentucky.

"I live in Northern Kentucky and for the last few years I would drive down Dixie Highway and dream about seeing my practice in this charming looking house in Ft. Mitchell," she says. "The house looked cozy, and when we create spaces for our work we always want a client to walk in and feel like they can take a deep breath and exhale."

Schmidt continued to hold on to the dream of leasing that home, and when an "available" sign went up she knew her dream was meant to be. "Having this space allows us to serve a community where many on our team reside, and it feels so special," she adds.

The new location will continue to follow the practice’s mission of taking general therapists who have a passion for sexual health and get them the training they need to become sex therapists. “The more sex therapists we have, the more people we’re able to help,” says Schmidt. “I feel lucky to be able to offer this service to a new area as our team continues to grow and we acquire the resources necessary to help make this possible.”

Services available at Emma Schmidt & Associates include sex education, challenges with sexual pain, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma, mismatched libido, faith-based sexual difficulties, how to increase intimacy, LGBTQ+ challenges, how to talk to your kids about sex, and more.

You can get a look at the brand new Ft. Mitchell location at their open house on June 2 from 6-8pm at 2045 Dixie Highway. The open house is all about giving attendees and experience to learn about what the team offers while meeting other local sexual health professionals in the area including Gynecologists, a Urogynocologist, and pelvic floor therapists.

Guests will have the opportunity to win some of Emma Schmidt & Assoc.’s favorite products, enjoy some yummy treats, take home Tips From Your Sex Therapist and leave with incredible swag.

Their other practice location is in Hyde Park, with new locations opening this Summer in West Chester and Indianapolis. Learn more about the event at!