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The Wedding Cottage / Image: Olga Polo // Published: 1.17.21

Cincy's Luxurious Red Whale Rentals Is Among the Best Things About Mt. Adams

When your momentous occasion calls for celebration, only a bottle of top-shelf champagne will appropriately mark the occasion. When attending a formal occasion for someone you love dearly, you put on your finest dress to look your best. And when you—a person of fine taste with an appreciation for well-designed spaces—finds yourself sleeping overnight in Cincinnati, you stay in a Red Whale Rental in Mt. Adams.

Red Whale is no stranger to VIP guests. From Hollywood stars such as Anne Hathaway to MLB heavy hitters with the Reds, the small rental company is known for its upscale portfolio of photogenic, comfortable spaces throughout Mt. Adams. It got its start several years ago when founder Michele Campbell, chief designer for all Red Whale properties and a 30-year veteran in the business, found herself redesigning spaces partially for the movie business. Fast-forward to today, and she's still rethinking how older buildings and homes can achieve the signature Red Whale look—clean, bright, comfortable, and refreshingly modern.

Red Whale's latest, a stately two-and-a-half-story building at the corner of St. Gregory and Pavilion Streets, brings much-needed office and studio space to the neighborhood, growing the company's portfolio beyond overnight rentals. And with it comes a new owner—an experienced guru in the hospitality industry and returning native of Cincinnati, Ann Michele Worrall.


Campbell recently made the sale of Red Whale Rentals to Worrall while remaining on as an independent designer. Worall, who’s lived in Paris twice in her life, is both a La Sorbonne and INSEAD-grad whose impressive resume includes working in the global hospitality industry in 69 different countries. She worked both the '96 and '00 Olympics, the 1998 World Cup, and several upscale hotels including Sofitel, Le Meridien, and Four Seasons. She moved back to Cincinnati from Palm Beach to run Red Whale and has big plans for the company both in the present and near-future, including opening The Loft—a private luxury office space designed by Campbell.

The Loft occupies the top floor of Red Whale's latest office and studio project at St. Gregory and Pavilion Streets. With a 180-degree view of one of Mt. Adams' more prominent corners, The Loft feels significant due to its geographical location and elevation on the hill. Add to the equation a copious amount of natural light thanks to the many floor-to-ceiling windows and massive skylight, and The Loft feels even more enormous than it is.

Its pristine white walls and natural, warm color palette provide a tasteful, calming backdrop that doesn't distract the eye when concentrating on work. The Loft is furnished with desks and tables that evoke a refined, coastal driftwood aesthetic that's accented by potted plants. Large, textured, concave overhead lights designed and handmade by Joel Mallory dangle from thick ropes that obscure their electrical wires. Wispy curtains frame each window, filtering the incoming light and translating it into an understated, cozy golden hue.

It's not all about looks, though. The Loft includes nine offices, each with room for one to two desks for a total of 13. Seven additional desks can be added, too, bringing the occupancy up to 20 people. A communal area that includes a conference table and swing sits below the skylight. To see it, click on the gallery above.

As of this writing, The Loft can be rented for $9,999 a month for all 13 desks or $999 per person per month.


The Loft sits above The Wedding Cottage—a two-story, open-concept space that's as bright and airy as its upstairs neighbor. The Wedding Cottage is currently an event space that can be rented for various uses not limited to showers, photoshoots, and meetings of all sorts.

With all of this space on her hands, Worrall's ultimate plan is to create a consortium of wedding vendors that’s poised to become Cincinnati's go-to destination for brides and grooms in the near future. She envisions bringing photographers, bakers, limousine rental companies, caterers, event planners, and every other related merchant within the wedding industry into The Wedding Cottage. This convenient one-stop-shop for the customer will also include advertising for wedding vendors as part of their monthly rent, making it even more beneficial for everyone involved. Red Whale also plans to grow by management contracts both nationally and internationally.

To check out photos of The Loft and The Wedding Cottage, head to the gallery above.

For more information about staying in a Red Whale Rental, renting The Loft for your office, or inquiring about The Wedding Cottage, head to Red Whale Rental's website.

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The Loft and The Wedding Cottage are located at 1053 Saint Gregory Street (45202). To contact Red Whale Rentals, call 513.368.9232 or email them on their contact page.