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Red's t-shirt from Ohio Memories Apparel / Image: Abby Hofrichter, courtesy of Celebrate Local
Red's t-shirt from Ohio Memories Apparel / Image: Abby Hofrichter, courtesy of Celebrate Local
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This Liberty Center Store Sells Only Local Goods From Ohio

If there's one thing we're all about around here it's LOCAL.

The Queen City's packed with gems -- boutiques, eateries, drinkeries, and startups conceived/ inspired/ run by proud Ohioans. Why not sing their praises, right?

So when we heard that there's a new store at Liberty Center founded on that exact sentiment, you know we just had to check it out.

Local art, local food, and some solid shopping? Let's go.


It's a sunny Sunday afternoon. You've hopped over to one of Greater Cincy's newest shopping centers to enjoy the day. After indulging in some Graeter's, you wander over to check out the next-door neighbor. And -- boom -- you find some seriously unexpected local goodness.

Enter Celebrate Local and you're instantly greeted by hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of locally hand-crafted goods. They've got everything -- art, food, wine, beer, t-shirts, coasters, jewelry, soap, lotion, stationary, even honey... the list could go on and on.

It's kind of like a mini, indoor version of the greatness that is The City Flea.


The store prides itself on being "a champion of small, local businesses" and is home to products from more than 300 Ohio artisans, small businesses, and farmers. The inventory is ever-changing, so you've just gotta keep visiting to see it all.

Since the company originated in Columbus, Ohio, the store has goods from all over the state. & While the Cincy-focused items are always quick to catch the eye, we can't help but enjoy seeing goodies from our neighboring cities as well.

On our latest visit, we were especially digging the upcycled wine bottles and reclaimed-wood-turned-terrariums. Oh, and then there were the Queen City crown t-shirt, the Cincinnati skyline prints, and the Ohio-shaped cutting boards. There seriously is no shortage of local charm inside this new shop. Head over and see what they've got in today.

- - -

Celebrate Local is located at 7127 Foundry Row, Liberty Township, OH 45069 (in the Liberty Center shopping center).