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Image: Ridofranz, via Getty Images // Published: 7.30.19

Spotify Workout Music Playlists to Keep You Motivated

According to Matthew T. Desjardins, M.D. Sports Medicine with OrthoCincy, keeping a workout brisk is the only way to truly benefit from exercising. When you work out, it's essential to keep yourself motivated and moving, and quickly enough to get your heart pumping. If you're like most people, you probably don't have a personal trainer by your side telling you what to do while encouraging you to keep going, either.

That's where music comes in.

When you're listening to the right music, working out becomes a lot easier. Focusing on a rhythmic beat and doing repetitions to music you enjoy is a great motivator to keep going. Of course, curating that list of songs can be difficult if you're doing it yourself, and doubly difficult if you're new to working out.

That's where Spotify comes in.

Spotify has a variety of genres of music to choose from on its 'home' page. Scroll down until you get to the 'workout' genre. There, you'll find playlists of organized music that can make the difference between completing a workout and quitting before you finish. Also, many of the playlists list the beats per minute in the title, which is useful for finding the right speed for your workout.

Need good running music? Try one of these:

  • Running to Rock 170-190 BPM

    This is a playlist of 41 tracks that range from lighter pop-punk Blink-182 songs to the harder alt-rock sound of Rise Against. With varying speeds to run to, it's perfect for switching it up mid-run to keep it interesting while also keeping that heart rate up.
  • Rock 'n' Run 160-165 BPM

    If the previous one was too fast for you, try this one. Arguably more diverse in sound than the other rock-based playlist, this one includes 40 tracks with Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, and other bands rocking slightly slower tempos.
  • Indie Kicks 150–155 BPM

    If you're not into that mid-90s/early-2000s pop-punk/alt-rock sound, give Indie Kicks a listen while you run. It features 33 tracks with lower beats per minute and more mellow tunes. Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, Santigold, and Beck (among others) are on this list.
  • Metal Charge 180 BPM

    Or, maybe you want something harder, faster, and 100% more metal. Start this playlist of 29 songs up as you kick off and you might end up with a personal record. Leave your wallet chain at home to maximize aerodynamics.

Maybe you're not a runner, though. Perhaps you like to lift weights or work the elliptical to tunes. Spotify's got you on that front, too. Here are a few playlists you may find useful:

  • Workout Beats

    This playlist is all over the place when it comes to bands—The Killers, Sum 41, the White Stripes, Vampire Weekend...the list goes on. However, it's varied enough to keep you moving without becoming stale.
  • Pumping Iron

    Is this definitive playlist for lifting weights? Maybe. At a staggering 93 total tracks of hard rock, you're bound to add a little more to the dumbbell than usual if you fire this up.
  • Throwback Workout

    Love hip-hop? Give Throwback Workout a listen instead. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nelly, OutKast, Missy Elliott, and Ludacris will keep you motivated and moving.
  • Yoga & Meditation

    At 140 total tracks, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive playlist for yoga and meditation. Honestly, none of these bands look familiar, but with tracks titled "Spiritual Awakening," "Calm Down," and "Lullaby Beach," you can imagine what it probably sounds like.

Okay, one more, but only because it's different than all the others. Felix Cartal is a Vancouver-based DJ and music producer who has his own curated workout music playlist page. Titled "Weekend Workout," every track is around an hour long and consists of songs mixed right into one another as a DJ would do for a live event. With over 206 episodes, Weekend Workout is excellent for those who never want to hear the same playlist twice. You can find every available episode below.

If YOU have a Spotify playlist you work out to that you'd like to share, shoot us an email at and we'll add it below!