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The "Transforming and Transcending Your Story" retreat takes place September 23-25 at Hueston Woods Lodge in College Corner, Ohio

Retreat, Relax and Rewrite Your Story with Upcoming Women's Retreat in Hueston Woods

Feeling unfocused, unfulfilled or uninspired? There's an upcoming Women's Wellness Retreat that aims to help you quiet the noise, tune into nature, and set your soul on fire with creativity and inspiration.

The "Transforming and Transcending Your Story" retreat takes place September 23-25 at Hueston Woods Lodge in College Corner, Ohio. This concept is the brainchild of host Katy Oberle, MS, IMFT, a marriage and family therapist turned Creative Mindfulness Coach. She teaches busy individuals and organizations creative mindfulness practices to help them manage stress, increase joy, lean into gratitude, and infuse creativity into their lives so they can thrive at home, at work, and out in the world.

This upcoming retreat will feature creative mindfulness activities as well as a featured talk by Cincinnati-based, best-selling author Sara Celi on the healing power of telling your story. “Sara will be sharing about how she used the power of storytelling to mindfully and creatively transform and transcend a traumatic situation in her life,” says Oberle. “She’ll also talk about what it takes to become a published author and to believe in your own creativity.”

Retreat attendees will get to explore the connection between creative self-expression and mindfulness, while focusing on how negative self-beliefs can hold us back from showing the world who we truly are as our most authentic selves. Oberle says this retreat is perfect for those who may be feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, unfocused, or stressed out as it gives you the opportunity to level-up your self-care practices and reconnect with your authentic, creative spirit through engaging in creative, mindfulness-based, and nature-based activities throughout the weekend.

The retreat has a theme of “stories,” so attendees will dive deeper into what it means to transform and transcend the narratives about yourself that aren’t serving you anymore. “When we learn how to transform our relationship to our thoughts, we can reclaim agency over our life and make choices that align with our deepest values,” Oberle says.

The creative practice of mindfulness is at the heart of this retreat, says Oberle. “Mindfulness, which means non-judgmentally paying attention to your present moment experience, isn't limited to formal meditation, like observing one's breathing while sitting on a cushion. Mindfulness can be accessed anywhere, in any situation," she explains. “I'm passionate about making mindfulness ‘user-friendly’ for women so they're not intimidated by it and can integrate it into their lives in creative ways that can lead to stress reduction and increased joy and gratitude, among other benefits.”

Included in the price of the retreat is all meals and lodging, the featured talk by Celi, guided meditation and gentle yoga, inner work exercises, sharing circles, nature mindfulness walks, vision boarding, live music by Oberle, and much more. Attendees can choose to stay for the full weekend, or opt for a Saturday arrival as well.

You can purchase your tickets or learn more by clicking here. Registration closes August 23 and space is limited. Questions? Contact Katy at