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Shoe fittings are personalized to the individual. Joe covers it all—from toe boxes to arches to heels—to help runners find the perfect shoe for their feet and their stride. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 5.30.19

A Tiny Shop in Columbia Tusculum Holds the Key to Better Health and Easier Marathons

House of Run N Tri, located at 3709 Eastern Ave, is the local club for runners, walkers, and triathletes. Owner Joe Fung, a finance director-turned-triathlon-trainer, created a one-stop shop for everything a runner needs to prepare for races ranging from the OTR 5K to the Ironman Triathlon, complete with a supportive community. I met with Fung for a private shoe fitting session at his Columbia Tusculum-based shop.

I’m a yoga instructor, so you’d think that I’d have perfect ankle, knee, to hip alignment. At least, I certainly did.

Spoiler alert: I don’t.

In my shoe fitting at House of Run N Tri, I learned that my walking mechanics and shoe game have some major work to do, all thanks to owner Joe Fung. We covered it all—from toe boxes to arches to heels—to help me find the perfect shoe for my feet and my stride.

“I want to find the best possible fit to support every step and protect against road shock,” says Fung. “Then, I can coach to proper mechanics for a more enjoyable run, and less injuries later.”

It’s that attention to detail that sets House of Run N Tri apart from any other shop. There, you can be sized for everything you could ever need for a triathlon—from wet suits to cycling shoes.

“Triathletes can get too ‘geeked out’ about equipment,” says Fung. “But it’s the community that they love the most.”

The camaraderie that comes from training together to accomplish a goal is what makes House of Run N Tri a home. Fung leads training groups year-round, providing expert advice for everything from running technique for marathon runners to rhythmic breathing for triathlon swimmers. And they have some fun while they’re at it. Group training is typically followed by post-run breakfasts and regular community events.

“I love helping people navigate through those hurdles and making that journey a bit easier and more fun,” he says. “Everyone can fall into bad habits, so it’s important to connect with a good group of people to support you in your goals.”

House of Run N Tri extends its community with the greater Columbia Tusculum area by getting involved in local events regularly.

“We’re so happy to be a part of the community,” says Fung.

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Visit their Facebook page to learn more about training sessions and community events, like their upcoming Tour de Tusculum on Saturday, June 15th as part of the Tusculum Street Fest. You won’t want to miss out.