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Fit Mama in 30 is an online fitness program started by Cari Oschman—a personal trainer, nutritionist, mother of two, and Cincinnati native—and Bailey Oschman, a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and Cari’s sister-in-law from Indianapolis. The pair specifically wanted to outline and provide a variety of plans that include 30-minute workouts and healthy meals that can be prepped in 30 minutes to busy moms struggling to find the time to add fitness and healthy eating into their daily routine. / Image courtesy of Fit Mama in 30 // Published: 6.15.19

A Cincinnatian Co-Founded an Online Resource for Staying Healthy on a Time Crunch

If you’re a mom, chances are your daily to-do list is pretty packed with important things—shuttling youngsters to practice, planning meals, and at least a million other things—and personal fitness might not always make the cut. Luckily, there’s a business with local ties that's working to change that. You can leave the stress and hassle of scheduling your daily fitness and nutritious meal-prepping behind and let professionals sort it all out for you.

“I feel like, as moms, you put yourself last. Every single time you put yourself last, you don’t have the energy to [workout]. So, I was like, there’s got to be a way,” says Cari Oschman, the Cincinnatian who co-founded the exercise and meal-prep business Fit Mama in 30. She begged the question, “What is the minimum effort you have to put in to see results, feel good, and still be able to give your energy to your family?”

Turns out, about half an hour.

Fit Mama in 30 is an online service that offers solutions and a huge confidence boost to moms who are trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a hectic agenda. Cari is a personal trainer and nutritionist who was overloaded with different fitness programs and techniques out there. And as a mother with two young children and a limited schedule, she teamed up with Bailey Oschman to develop a detailed plan revolving around half hour activities that are easily achievable on a daily basis for moms looking for a quick routine.

As the other half of the Fit Mama duo, Bailey’s a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and sister-in-law to Cari. She’s based out of Indianapolis.


Staying healthy is something everyone should incorporate into their daily lives, but it’s much easier said than done. Fit Mama in 30 acknowledges the struggle and helps make it easier for busy moms. They don’t apply gym pressure or stressful calorie-counting. Instead, they offer convenient and maintainable programs that include videos and lists of 30-minute workouts that can be done at home (or on vacation, the baseball field, or anywhere you want) alongside 30-minute meals that are perfect for staying on track with fitness goals.

“It’s a little bit more than just giving you, like, 30-day recipes and that’s it. We are actually teaching you how to eat as well so you can take that and implement it in your life afterward,” says Bailey.

The recipes and grocery lists outlined in Fit Mama are designed by dietitians (spaghetti and burrito bowls included), and the workouts are designed by certified trainers, so you can expect the program to deliver results of dropped pounds and increased time and energy back into your day. The meals and the workouts change from month to month to spice up your routine and add something exciting to look forward to.

Side note: OrthoCincy's website has an entire list of doctor-approved recipes on their blog, too.


Not only are workouts and cooking tips delivered right to your fingertips via the website, a community of other people in Fit Mama are there for support, as well. Members have access to a private Facebook group, connecting them with other moms in the same fitness boat from all over the world. Some people are as far away as Germany and England. They are able to chat amongst each other and even reach out directly to nutritionists and trainers if they have any questions.


An all-access, annual membership with Fit Mama in 30 adds up to $9.99 a month, or if you want to take things monthly, it costs $15.99 per month. If you aren’t ready to commit to the price, or just want to get a taste for the fun and fit lifestyle, they offer a free week trial. But for roughly the price of a meal dining out per month for a helpful fitness service—it’s hard to beat.

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You can check out more on Fit Mama in 30 on their site or in person at an event they’re hosting on June 29th at Sonder Brewing.