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Natalie Deering, MS LPP, founder of ND Wellness Psychological Services | Photo: Joe Simon Photography
Natalie Deering, MS LPP, founder of ND Wellness Psychological Services | Photo: Joe Simon Photography
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ND Wellness Psychological Services, Healing through Helping Others

Natalie Deering, MS LPP, founder of{ }ND Wellness Psychological Services | Photo: Joe Simon PhotographyNatalie Deering, MS LPP, founder of ND Wellness Psychological Services | Photo: Joe Simon Photography

Natalie Deering's passion for healing begins with her own healing journey. "I struggled with anxiety for most of my 20s, which led me to seek out new ways for healing both personally and professionally as a mental health therapist," she says.

With her personal journey, she found yoga, meditation, nutrition, and then eventually Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy with her private practice, ND Wellness Psychological Services.

Deering provides individual therapy where she invites people to connect with the various parts of themselves through IFS. "This type of therapy is unique in that it takes many hours of training and personal experience with IFS to be able to provide it effectively for others. IFS is a radical type of treatment where it invites the person to see themselves as multiple, in that we have various parts within ourselves that are constantly trying to keep us safe and balanced," Deering explains. "But due to trauma and stressful situations in our childhoods, we may have parts that carry wounds which therefore require protective parts that can get stuck in extreme roles, thus causing us negative impacts within our present lives of today."

Deering says IFS provides a compassionate and curious energy to turn towards the parts of us that are suffering or stuck in extreme roles so that we may help them release these constraints and find a place of balance, peace, and calm.

"I offer these resources within my private practice due to the amount of success I have experienced within my own healing," she says. "IFS therapy in particular has been a guiding light for my healing and befriending of my anxious parts, and I forever plan to share this radical healing modality with others."

In addition to her therapy services, Deering is also the host of an IFS-informed wellness podcast called, That Wellness Podcast with Natalie Deering. "I have been fortunate to interview some amazing people within the wellness community and I am so excited to be able to share this healing information to the public," she says.

Her favorite thing about what she does is seeing the healing transformation. "To have someone come to me feeling unbalanced and overwhelmed to then be able to witness them eventually living their lives with Self-led awareness is so beautiful and rewarding," she says. "To help people understand and feel that they are the healing agent they’ve been looking for is extremely empowering."

Deering will be a featured speaker at the Empowering Her Women's Health Expo this Sunday on the topic: "Befriending Your Inner Critic: Utilizing IFS to get to Know Your Parts with Compassion and Curiosity" Click here to learn more about the event and use the code REFINED to get half-off admission to any brunch 'n' learn. The expo is free to attend and features healthy food and drink samplings, workout demonstrations, mini makeovers and photo booth, screenings, prizes, shopping, fashion shows and brunch 'n' learns, and more. It's also a fun event for families, as there will be a kid's play zone and complimentary babysitting service to keep the kids entertained while parents enjoy the event.

The Empowering Her Women's Health expo is this Sunday, May 21, from 10am-2pm at The Summit Hotel, located at 5345 Medpace Way Cincinnati, OH 45227. Click here to learn more and register.

To learn more about ND Wellness Psychological Services, visit, listen to her podcast, and following along on Instagram.