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Ultimately, the goal of Fit in the City is to broaden a local’s perspective, immerse them in a new place, and give them the opportunity to discover new ways to workout. The events always promote holistic and healthier lifestyles. / Image: Abdullah Al-Bahrani // Published: 1.29.19

'Fit in the City' Gets People Exercising for More Than One Cause

When passionate people come together for a cause, the results are always rewarding. A few years ago, Jenergy started an outdoor workout movement that benefits the community through health and fitness with a simple goal of making life better for others.

The Fit in the City is a workout series designed to get people to visit new parts of the city and learn about new causes. Jenergy originally designed Findlay Fit in 2015 as the first of the series, hosted at Findlay Market. The goal was to highlight the vending hub as an integral part of our city and its commitment to all members of our community. The success of Findlay Fit allowed Jenergy to grow and help other community members gain market awareness.

Fit in the City aims to provide the gift of health + fitness to participants while also bringing attention to the community around them. It is organized as an event to partner with local businesses and non-profits that host the fitness function, with local trainers and health experts at the events, too. In other words, when someone has a cause that is important to them and they want to raise funds for their community, Fit in the City can be organized to make it happen.

Fit in the City has worked with organizations like NKU Center for Economic Education to showcase their Financial Literacy programs for K-12 students. They’ve also worked with other with other iconic local organizations like Hotel Covington and the Flying Pig Marathon. Ultimately, at Fit in the City, it’s all about broadening a local's perspective, immersing them in a new place, and discovering new ways to workout.

Finding those new ways are important to maintaining the interest of those who exercise, as well as capturing the attention of those who need something different to get them moving. "Go ahead—try Pilates. Try Yoga. Maybe try a Boot Camp class. Try something new and see if you like it," says Matthew T. Desjardins, M.D. of sports medicine with OrthoCincy. Fit in the City provides just that.

Through Fit in the City, people can become more resourceful both health-wise and in their neighborhoods while learning how to rise to new challenges in many aspects. If you’ve found yourself sticking to the same routines and surrounding yourself with the same type of food, Fit in the City is the place where amazing ideas and networks can introduce you to the concept of becoming a more holistic and healthier person.

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Do you have a cause that's important to you? Do you want to give back to your community? Hit up Jenergy's site. The photo gallery above showcases how Fit in the City workout series has evolved.