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Jen Beck, founder of{ }Complete Health Revolution | Photo: Joe Simon Photography
Jen Beck, founder of{ }Complete Health Revolution | Photo: Joe Simon Photography
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On a Mission for a Complete Health Revolution

Jen Beck grew up only knowing her mom as a woman suffering with a chronic health condition. "She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 24," Beck recalls. "She spent most of her life depressed, dragging through her day, doing the best that she could, but finding little joy as her body declined more and more."

But then a chance meeting changed Beck's entire outlook on health, and ultimately, hope for a better life. "I met a woman who had been living with MS for 26 years like my mom, but had none of the issues my mom was experiencing. She was happy healthy and seemed virtually unaffected by the MS," Beck says. "The most surprising thing she shared with me was that she had taken zero medications and only focused on building up her body as much as possible with diet, supplements and exercise. I started looking for ways to help my mom. I went back to school for nutrition so I could help her and also so I did not end up in the same situation as her."

As a result of Beck's education and pursuant experience, she was able to move her mom out of the nursing home and into a group home. "She passed just before her 65th birthday," she says. "At that time, her doctors and nurses shared that the changes we made in her diet and lifestyle had easily extended her life by at least 5-10 years. And that we had significantly increased the quality of her."

Ever since, Beck has been on a mission to educate and empower people to live the best version of their life. "I have seen and helped hundreds of clients heal their body and reverse symptoms of MS, diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chrohn’s Disease, cancer, chronic pain, and so much more," she says. "There is hope. You can do it, and you do not need to overhaul your entire life to do it."

Through her business, Complete Health Revolution, Beck offers group and one-on-one coaching services, workshops, keynotes and full wellness programs for companies. "We address the root cause of the issue using our unique system which enables our clients to reclaim their personal power so they can understand their body’s unique needs, manage their stress effectively and heal at a cellular level," she explains. "This results in a life that is pain-free, with unlimited energy, increased mental clarity and looking/feeling youthful at any age."

Beck says her favorite thing about her work is getting to see people’s lives transform every day. "I get to create something so powerful and beautiful out of the tragedy that occurred with my mom’s health," she says.

At the Empowering Her Women's Health Expo this Sunday Beck will be a featured speaker on the topic: "The Complete Health Revolution - It’s Time to Create a Life you LOVE!" Click here to learn more about the event and use the code REFINED to get half-off admission to any brunch 'n' learn. The expo is free to attend and features healthy food and drink samplings, workout demonstrations, mini makeovers and photo booth, screenings, prizes, shopping, fashion shows and brunch 'n' learns, and more. It's also a fun event for families, as there will be a kid's play zone and complimentary babysitting service to keep the kids entertained while parents enjoy the event.

The Empowering Her Women's Health Expo is this Sunday, May 21, from 10am-2pm at The Summit Hotel, located at 5345 Medpace Way Cincinnati, OH 45227. Click here to learn more and register.

To learn more about Complete Health Revolution, visit and following along on Facebook or Instagram.