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Tasty Tuesday: Farm-Fresh Ingredients with The At Home Chef / Photo: Twin Spire Photography

Tasty Tuesday: Farm-Fresh Ingredients with The At Home Chef

The weather is warm and all the local farmer's markets are overflowing with fresh finds. It's Chef Ken Durbin's favorite time of year.

Durbin is the owner and founder of The At Home Chef a private chef service that creates one-of-kind in-home dining experiences across Greater Cincinnati. "We do everything from dinner parties to date nights, making memories that last a lifetime," he shares. "One of the things I love most about what I do is that I get the freshest ingredients almost exclusively in a 30-minute radius of Cincinnati."

Known for sourcing from local farms, markets and shops, The At Home Chef takes care of all the menu prep, ingredient sourcing from local farms and businesses - and, of course, the cooking. They also take care of everything else, like serving your guests, clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash (click here to see our recent review).

"Just set your table and we'll do the rest so you can enjoy your dinner and guests," says Durbin. "If you use your china, we clean it, polish it, and put it away. We take the garbage out and everything. It's like we were never there. The only things that remain after your dinner party are the memories made."

Through years of being in the restaurant industry, and now running an award-winning personal chef business, Durbin has developed relationships with many local farmers and specialty purveyors. "They tell me what came in well that season, how weather affected flavors, and things like that," he says. "I can even cut the lettuce I want to use for tomorrow's dinner. It supports the local farmers and businesses, and it makes it more flavorful for the client, so it's a win-win."

Some of his favorite places to source ingredients include: ETC Produce and Provisions at Findlay Market, Roothouse Aquaponics for fresh lettuce and microgreens, CinSoy for artisan condiments, as well as Boards and Beez for fresh cheeses and charcuterie boards.

The At Home Chef's tagline has always been "Enjoy Life," but Durbin says it's recently taken on a whole new meaning. "After not being able to be around family and friends as much as we'd like over the past couple of years, I love that what I do for a living helps people enjoy life and spend quality time with each other," he says. "That's what matters most."

Voted Best Private Chef in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, click here to learn more about The At Home Chef. “We’re booking now for the fall and into the holidays already,” says Durbin. “So if you’re interested in learning more, or if you have a date you’d like to reserve, now is the time.” You can contact Durbin at or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.