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Fall Favorites with The At Home Chef

Tasty Tuesday: Fall favorites with The At Home Chef

Fall is upon us and we are here for it. Not only for the crisp in the air and pumpkin spice in our mug, but also all the yummy foods that come with this time of year.

"For foodies, this is a favorite time of year," says Chef Ken Durbin, owner of The At Home Chef. "You'll find of fall fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets and in produce departments in-season for the best flavor right now."

Through years of being in the restaurant industry, and now running an award-winning personal chef business, Durbin has developed relationships with several local farmers and specialty purveyors. "I buy almost exclusively in-season foods and ingredients from local businesses," he shares. "I love asking about what came in well that season and how weather affected certain foods or flavors. It really makes a difference."

Some of Durbin's favorite fall menu items this year include: Baby Beet Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese, Autumn Spiced Butternut Squash Soup, Cream of Potato Soup, Filet with Asparagus and a Béarnaise Sauce, and for dessert, Stuffed Apples with Vanilla Ice Cream and Carmel.

But even after nearly eight years of being a private chef in Greater Cincinnati, Durbin has never repeated a menu. "Every menu is unique, and it's all dependent upon what's the most flavorful and in-season right then, and what the client wants for their dinner party,” he adds. "Like today, I'm pairing a few of my favorite fall flavors into something new: a phyllo cup with cranberry Boursin cheese, topped with pomegranate and Fuji apple."

Durbin says being creative in the kitchen is one of his favorite things about his profession. "People ask me what my favorite thing to cook is, and truly, it's whatever I attempt next," he laughs.

He says creating a new menu, and new menu items, for each private dinner is fun for him. "It's like creating a piece of art, but food is my medium," he adds. "My clients love it too because they're trying something new, but it's within their comfort zone and any dietary or cultural restrictions your party might have. We take all of that into consideration when creating your menu, so you can sit back, relax, enjoy your company, and enjoy life."

Durbin says he creating custom in-home dining experiences across the Tri-State from dinner parties to date nights. Voted Best Private Chef in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, The At Home Chef does all of the menu prep, shopping, cooking and even cleaning (click here to see our editor's recent review). "We're already booking now for the holidays and into the new year," Durbin says. “So, if you’re interested in learning more, or you have a date you’d like to reserve, let’s talk soon.”

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