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Cincinnati-based Mixicles are all-natural, non-alcoholic frozen botanical mixers that easily shake up any beverage.

Mix Up Your Next Home Bevvy with Mixicles

Imagine having a restaurant-quality craft cocktail or a fresh-squeezed smoothie from a local juice bar -- any time you wanted from the comfort of home.

That's what Cincinnati-based Mixicles does with its all-natural, non-alcoholic frozen botanical mixers that easily shake up any beverage.

Mixicles — a concept created by local co-founders Jen Morales and Jason Stitt — can be popped into any spirit, wine or bubbly beverage, or can used as a natural foundation for distinctive zero-proof drinks and smoothies.

The idea for the business came to them in the summer 2018. "We were hanging out and sampling a mix I'd made from scratch for a party," Stitt recalls. "Jen proposed seeing how the mix would fare if, before adding any alcohol, it was poured into an ice cube tray and frozen for later consumption."

Turns out, it was delicious, and they immediately knew they were onto something. "While we both love craft cocktails, we rarely make them ourselves because of the time, effort, and cost involved in sourcing all the ingredients — many of which you'll use just a portion of for one recipe, the rest going to waste — and then prepping the drinks," Morales says. "So, we thought there might be a market for botanical frozen mixers that would capture the freshness of handmade cocktails in an easy, ready-to-use form. You simply pop a cube into a glass, top it with your favorite spirit, wine, or other beverage, and let it infuse and chill your drink as it melts."

Mixicles are dairy free and naturally low in sugar and calories with less than 25 calories a cube. They're primarily crafted in small batches at Findlay Kitchen, the non-profit business incubator located in the heart of Findlay Market. They are sold directly to consumers through Mixicles’ online store, as well as to restaurants, special events venues, and retailers.

“I wanted to come up with a way to make cocktails as easy as pouring a glass of wine, without compromising flavor or freshness. Traditional cocktail mixers are full of corn syrup, preservatives and artificial flavors,” says Morales. “The ingredients in Mixicles are 100% natural and frozen immediately. So, it's as if you juiced and muddled all those fresh fruits and herbs yourself, and froze them in a cube that preserves the pure taste of all those botanical flavors for whenever you're ready to use them.”

Picky about flavors? Mixicles come in nine different flavors, as well as seasonal and limited-edition flavors. Collaborations with customers to create custom cubes for weddings and special occasions are also available.

“You can take Mixicles to a party or pull them out at Sunday Brunch for consistent quality, crafted drinks,” she says. “There’s no alcohol in the cubes, so even kids are able to get in on the fun."

Mixicles are now available in the frozen juice section of Kroger stores throughout the Midwest, or you can be purchased online at For more information, and creative recipe ideas, visit their website and follow @mixicles on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.