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El Camino - 26.jpg
El Jefe Tacos (pulled pork, pickled tomato, caramelized onion, sweet corn salsa) / Image: Clay Griffith, Cincinnati Refined

This Latin Street Food Eatery Is Heating Up Mt. Lookout

A picture is worth, roughly what? ... about a thousand words or so. (Possibly more if your mouth is full.)

So all I'm gonna say about El Camino is this:

East Side, your "late-night food game" just got an upgrade.

The new kid on the Mt. Lookout block, El Camino is keeping the Latin-street-food fires burning till midnight on the weekdays (T-Th) and all the way till 3am on the weekends (F & Sa). On behalf of all my late-to-bed peeps out there... Thanks, fellas. We needed that.

& For all of the early risers/ brunch fanatics... The address is a familiar one.

The exeunt of the beloved brunch beacon known as Annabel's -- wistful sigh -- may have left a huge hole in our hearts and weekend schedules. But we can at least comfort ourselves with the knowledge that the space's successor is taking a page from the same playbook and doing what they do extremely well. (Case in point: the El Jefe Tacos are on point!) Plus, they're bringing a little bit of extra spice and depth to the neighborhood. Which is pretty dope.

Oh, and El Camino is tossing its hat into the brunch ring as well. Swing by on Sunday from 10am to 2pm to see how they're kicking it.

If you dig a good Cubano or some spicy, garlic-y aioli with your tostones (plantain chips)...
If you like when your street food tangos with your comfort food...
If you're been thinking you could use a new tapas dish (or two) in your life...

This is your place.

And with that... To the pics!

- - -

To find out more, check out El Camino on Facebook.