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BJ Schweinlin and Patrick Gainer, the Drop-in Chefs / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 6.23.17

These Chefs Are Here To Make Dinnertime Way More Convenient

Prepare yourself for the best news of the day.
Prepare yourself for the mental gears to start turning.
Prepare yourself for your mind to be blown. (Alright, that one might be an exaggeration.)
Prepare yourself for a lifestyle game changer. (That one is actually accurate.)

Here’s where we introduce you to The Drop-in Chef, a local Cincinnati company that is exactly how it sounds. Patrick Gainer & BJ Schweinlin are the chefs, and they will come to your home and cook you meals for the week.

The grocery shopping is... done by them.
The cooking is... done by them.
The cleaning is... done by them.
The eating and enjoying... is done by you.

So if you like eating home-cooked meals but either a) have zero time; or b) have zero interest (in actually being the one to make 'em), then I’m pretty sure the sound of striking gold just went off in your ears. (Am I right?)


Patrick has held just about every position in a kitchen, from dishwasher to general manager to chef. Also, fun side note: He’s a certified horticulturist and was the landscape manager for Washington Park prior to starting this.

BJ left his job as an environmental scientist for the City of Cincinnati to join Patrick in the adventure. And while he hasn’t held every restaurant position like Patrick, he’s no stranger to a kitchen. He’s worked in them for a solid part of his life and has the cooking chops to whip up whatever your stomach desires.


Patrick and BJ met in a band 23 years ago. Patrick was the singer. BJ was the drummer. They both had long hair. It was epic. I mean, not really, but that sounds cooler.

What is pretty cool is the fact that they’ve stayed friends and formed this business together, which officially launched in November 2016. Patrick actually heard a story on NPR about a similar service in Minnesota. That at-home, chef-like company marketed to seniors.

And that’s kind of what Patrick and BJ did at first, too. But then everyone got a hold of them. A Bengals player was one of their first clients. They also cook for doctors, designers, and... well... YOU. That is, of course, assuming you are up for having someone do the cooking.


Pick meals from the online menu (or create your own menu) and book a chef to come cook for you. Pretty simple.

As for the pricing, you can get 4 meals of 3 servings each for $129 or 5 meals of 3 servings each for $150. If you want more meals or more servings, it is possible to customize.

Note: The cost breaks down to about $10 per meal, which is comparable in price to Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, except the main difference is that with those services you still have to do all the cooking and cleaning. Not the case with The Drop-in Chef. (So it’s like the value doubles for the same price.)

They do it all. Really, all of it. They bring the groceries. They bring ALL of the cooking supplies, from the pots and pans to the knives and seasonings. They bring the tupperware to store your meals. They even bring their own Swiffer pads to clean up after the fact. (Yeah buddy!!)

So there's really no reason for you not to give it a try. If you can come up with a reason, let me know. Just give me a sec, though, as I’m gonna heat up my honey- and cumin-glazed pork loin from the fridge. Patrick makes a mean pork loin. Mmmm mmmm. ... Okay, what were you saying?

- - -

For more information about The Drop-in Chef, head over to the website.