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Higher Gravity Bottle Shop has announced another chapter of their infamous Higher Gravity Beervent Calendars / Photo: Tara Wood, Cincy by the Pint // Published: 7.27.2021

Christmas in July: Pre-Sale Launch of Higher Gravity Beervent Calendar

Northside's own Higher Gravity Bottle Shop has announced another chapter of their infamous Higher Gravity Beervent Calendars. This marks the local craft destination's 3rd year of carefully selecting an array of fun, and in some cases, hard to find craft beer. Ranging both from Cincinnati-area breweries to beer from around the country (and world), you never know what you may find inside.

Higher Gravity wasn't the first to invent the Beervent idea that's been steadily growing in popularity. However, in 2020 interest skyrocketed. While we may have been a bit more inclined to splurge our stimulus checks on a surprise booze box given the depressing state of the world, Higher Gravity has taken the momentum and ran with it in a big way this year. With only a few local special editions in the 2020 box, that didn't stop them from selling out lightning-fast last year.

Higher Gravity's 2021 Beervent Calendar will retail for $104.99 and includes 25 different craft beers from 25 different breweries. The going rate for a moderate to high-end craft 4-pack of 16oz cans in today’s economy? Anywhere from $14.99-$24.99 depending on what you’re after. The simple math breaks down to a whopping $4.20 a can for this year’s release, which is an insanely wicked value. Truth be told; between the labor, purchasing, legwork and packaging? Well, if we had to guess they probably just about break even on this massive effort.

Word on the street is there are a ton of local limited edition collabs this year, this means beers that you will ONLY be able to find in this year’s box, and nowhere else. Last year’s box featured three different one-time special releases from local Cincy breweries West Side Brewing, Streetside Brewing, and of course backyard neighbors Urban Artifact. This year Higher Gravity has already hinted that they’ve more than doubled the special editions with more to possibly be announced.

Why is this important? I’m glad you asked. This means that any of the aforementioned special collab beers will be: Not in any distribution, no taproom releases, Just Higher Gravity’s special yearly box!

Rumored local brewery special collaborations in the works:

  • Urban Artifact
  • Streetside Brewery
  • Listermann Brewing Company
  • West Side Brewing
  • HighGrain Brewing
  • Fibonacci Brewing Company
  • Third Eye Brewing

2021 Pre-Sale Info

Due to the INSANE spike in demand and popularity last year, Higher Gravity has announced an official pre-sale for 2021! The calendars will hit the Higher Gravity online store for pre-sale starting at noon on July 25 and will run through July 31 at 11:59 pm. Pre-order here.

What is a Beervent Calendar?

Higher Gravity’s Beervent Calendars are a fun spin on traditional Advent Calendars. The box contains 25 beers from 25 different breweries ranging across many styles. Each day, starting on December 1st through Christmas Day, you will open a tab on the box. Instead of chocolate, you get a beer!

What/Who is Higher Gravity?

Higher Gravity is both a Cincinnati Craft Beer & Wine bar which includes retail to-go for beer and wine. With over 500 craft beers and 100 wines that can be enjoyed on premise or taken to-go, 14 rotating drafts, and a constant rotation of bottles and cans of craft beer; Higher Gravity is sure to have something for you in a comfortable atmosphere. If that number overwhelms you, their trained Beeristas can help you navigate the chaos and find something new. Higher Gravity to us is a welcoming, judgement free craft community that always remembers us when we talk through the door, and that’s why we love them. Truly a place where the Cincinnati community meets craft.

Higher Gravity is located at 4106 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223. Learn more here.