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Ché is located in Over-the-Rhine at 1342 Walnut St. (45202). / Image: Clay Griffith, Cincinnati Refined

A Visit To Che Is Like Going On Vacation Without Ever Leaving Home

For those of you still searching/ still combing the Earth/ still roaming the streets, eyes peeled for that perfect "go-to" bar/restaurant...

This one's for you.


That hazy-around-the-edges, cozy neighborhood spot where the laughs flow like cerveza and the sangria is always fresh.
That "Regulars-Welcome" watering hole where you & the homies meet up on the (almost) daily.
That post-5pm destination to which you head with religious-esque fervor, secure in the knowledge that at least half of your squad is already there.

Your "Cheers."
Your "MacLaren's."
Your [insert the "go-to" bar from whatever your favorite TV show/movie happens to be].

Well, my friends... Start up a tab, 'cause you owe us a shot. We just found your heaven.

Say howdy to the Argentinian bar/restaurant (& OTR semi-newcomer) known as Ché.


1) Empanadas. Empanadas. Empanadas.
If you can find a good empanadas joint in this world, cling to it.

Cling to it with all you've got.

Theses flaky, pillowy, doughy little guys are packed with everything great. You've got your classic fillings -- beef, ham, cheese, etc. & You've got your more adventurous, "of the moment" inspirations too. (Ask about the week's special. Chances are, you'll take two.)

2) But that's not all
Give the the menu a good cruise-through. There's enough of that fresh-grilled, country-tinged goodness to make every last person at the table happy. And full. Really full.

(... Except, that is, for vegans & vegetarians. Heads up: you're probably gonna find the selection a bit limited on that front. Sorry.)

3) Draaanks
If we're lookin at "ratios," I'd say that Ché's about 60% bar/40% restaurant.

The food's on-point, for sure. (See #2 above). But you're also gonna get a heapin' helpin' of "bar vibe."

Perhaps some slightly tipsy, extra-exultant patron will order the entire place a round. Yes, it's happened.
Mayhaps the neighboring table will be deeply invested in the soccer (... ahem, "football") match on the tube.
Maybe, just maybe, the entire bar will erupt into spontaneous, unanimous song when Adele's "Hello" plays on the jukebox. Yes, that has also happened.

Needless to say, it's a good time. That outdoor patio doesn't hurt, either.

Check the Facebook page for the latest deets on drink specials, themed nights, etc.

4) Vibe for days.
Long story short: Ché makes ya feels like you're on vacation. & It does it without pushing too hard.

(Seeing as how this newly glorious spring has most of us a bit sun-drunk & wanderlusty, that's a pretty dang huge compliment.)

You shall see me at the bar.

Oh yes. You shall see me at the bar.

(I'll be the one double-fisting empanadas and belting out Adele. Or Bon Jovi. Or whatever else happens to be on the jukebox.)

I'll have a sangria waitin' for ya.

- - -

Ché is located in Over-the-Rhine at 1342 Walnut St. (45202).