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Gold-dipped cast concrete coasters by MeAConcrete, wooden jars and bowls by Paragraph Loop, ceramic nesting bowls by Ryan Van Hoy, and hand-tooled leather catch-alls by Bunsai Leather / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined / Published: 11.12.16

Your Friends & Neighbors Is The Russian Nesting Doll Of Cincy Businesses

Inception is a movie about Leonardo DiCaprio and dreams within dreams... or something. Alright, truth be told, it’s been a while, and I don’t remember some of pretty much all of it. July 2010 was a long time ago, okay? Lay off.

But what I do remember is enjoying it when I saw it. Not sure how it currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes, but it has a “fresh” rating in this here old noggin of mine.

So when I heard there was a contemporary handmade goods shop within a furniture store, it took me back to that feeling of really enjoying a thing within a thing.

“Wait, a what? Contemporary handmade goods shop inside a furniture store?”

Yes. Basically, it’s fun way to describe modern art and usable items (like well-crafted bowls and cleverly-designed postcards) within an existing, established furniture store to help stage it all. Imagine a really awesomely-crafted Russian nesting doll but, like, for local art and ceramic bowls and stuff.

Your Friends & Neighbors (YF&N) is the aforementioned shop within a shop. It exists inside of the Leftcoast Modern annex on De Sales Corner in Walnut Hills. It’s like an Etsy shop that rules, but in an actual building where the goods rests on beautiful coffee tables that were originally popular in 1961.

Imagine for a second local artists hanging their paintings and prints on the walls next to racks of other artists’ cleverly-photographed and illustrated cards. Now imagine leather and wooden bowls and painted concrete coasters sitting across the room from beautiful laser-cut, wooden clocks.

Now stop imagining... YF&N is exactly all of that.


  • It’s the Inception of cool Etsy stores that aren’t actually Etsy stores and are instead real cool stores within other real cool stores.
  • It’s that Xzibit meme saying “Yo dawg, I heard you like cool shops, so we put a cool shop inside a cool shop so you can shop while you shop.”
  • It’s the brain child of local creative (and entrepreneur) Maya Drozdz.
  • It's officially opening November 11, 2016.

Unconvinced this place is a cool shop? Go look at the gallery of photos we have up at the top (didn’t mean to rhyme that, but okay). See for yourself why this place is worth checking out.


Your Friends & Neighbors is located at 2803 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45206.