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Wiseway Wednesday: Lighting Trends

Whether it's for fashion or function (or both!), lighting is a key component in any room's design. To shed light on the latest trends in lighting, we're sharing 2022's biggest lighting trends at Wiseway Supply that represent the top concepts, materials, and finishes brightening homes this year and beyond.

Tape Lighting

With the ease of installation and cost efficiency, tape lighting is the easiest trend to get behind. There are some things to know, so make sure to speak to an expert at one of our showrooms while planning your space. Creating levels of light that include ambient, task, and accent lighting makes the space look designer. Tape lighting can serve as a task light for under kitchen cabinets, or a beautiful accent light on bookshelves surrounding a fireplace. Tape lighting has expanded features like entire sheets of LED, configurable designs, or flexible outdoor rope lighting. The possibilities are endless.

You won't believe what one of our customers achieved with LED! A lighted island!

Now that's a statement!

Oversized Lighting

You know what people aren't choosing anymore? Small island pendants.

The most consistent trend that we've seen in our showrooms is oversized lighting.

At one point, island pendants were a maximum 6"-8" wide. And a kitchen island would be littered with several. Now, fewer, and larger pieces are standard. While there are still requirements for sizing a fixture, and you can go too large, today's lighting selections push that boundary.

Generally, your pendants should be about 30" apart. You'll always want your pendants to be no larger than whatever the width (front to back, not side to side) of your island - minus 12". Just remember you'll need about 6" of give on all sides of your island. These are just guidelines. If you go above this suggestion an inch or two, no harm no foul. But you'll just need to be mindful that you or your guests won't knock their heads on them. Especially since your island pendants should hang about 30"-32" above the island's surface.

Islands aren't the only place we're seeing oversized fixtures.

For example, a dining room fixture like the one below should have a fixture that is at least 12" smaller in diameter than the diameter of the table. That's the suggested maximum size, and with the tall ceilings in the space, that's probably what was chosen. Tall ceilings and larger kitchen islands is assumingly the driving force behind the trend of oversized lighting. When you're stuck on sizing, just stop by or give our showroom a call.

Caitlin Skaggs is the Digital & E-Commerce Manager at Wiseway Supply. To learn more, visit here, or call 859-371-2211.