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Wiseway Supply: Crystal Fixture Trends

Wiseway Wednesday: Crystal Fixture Trends

Have you thought about adding a little bling to your home? Crystal is classic and timeless, but can have also have a modern flare appealing to any style.

However, when shopping for crystal fixtures, something to keep in mind is not all crystals are the same. The three types of crystal are: crystalline, half lead, and full lead. The different types of crystal reflect the amount of lead in the glass. For example, crystals used in crystal chandeliers are made with lead oxide. (Not the scary lead.) This element gives the crystal more light refraction - so it's extra pretty!

There are a variety of cuts of crystal to be on the look-out for. The different types of crystal cuts are machine cut, hand blow, or hand cut crystal. Hand-cut crystals on a chandelier are rare and are typically what is found in heirloom pieces that are handed down generations in a family. They're truly works of art! Also, the same as in diamonds, there are different styles of crystal cuts. Some of the cuts include: Pear, Baguette, Briolette, and more!

Now that you know a bit more about crystal fixtures, I am sure you are thinking “where do I want to put my new crystal fixture?” Don’t get us wrong, over your dining room table, in your foyer, or in a great room are all wonderful spaces for your crystal fixture. However, what’s becoming a popular trend, are crystal chandeliers in a closet space! What used to be a boring space is now a room in itself! We are also seeing crystal chandeliers in master bedrooms, nurseries, and pantries.

As you can see, crystal can be incorporated into a modern fixture or adorned on a classic chandelier- in almost any room your heart may desire. So, when choosing your next crystal fixture, stop by your local Wiseway showroom to let us help you experience different cuts, types, and styles!

PS: Speaking of crystal... here at Wiseway Supply, from now until November 19 only, you can save 20% on the crystal fixture of your dreams! Stop by our showroom or start browsing online now!

Caitlin Skaggs is the Digital & E-Commerce Manager at Wiseway Supply. To learn more, visit here, or call 859-371-2211.