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CASA Design Consulting co-founders Aubrey Wallen (left) and Christine Trimmer (right)

Why Every Parent Needs The Toy Edit for the Holidays

If you're a parent of little ones, you know the feeling. The anxiety that creeps up when you start wondering where you’ll put everything the kids get after grandparents and Santa shower them with all the things.

Here's a gift you can get for yourself (and other parents!) to keep worries at bay: The Toy Edit by CASA Design Consulting. It's CASA's signature service where design and child development specialists come in and do a complete playroom makeover, with Toy Rotation included.

Following research-based principles of Montessori education, CASA creates simplified play spaces at home where children are engaged in meaningful independent activity, and can restore their things when they finish playing. And the included Toy Rotation system helps keep your space organized, a breeze to clean up, and items always easy to find.

All Toy Edits include:

- Editing of all toys in the space, paring down any unusable toys, and organizing toys by type

light cleaning of floor space if appropriate

- Toy Rotation system in convenient location near the play space

- Reorientation of furniture in the space to support children's natural play

- Shopping & purchasing of containers & furniture needed for toy display and Toy Rotation

- Parent education regarding how children play, rationale behind toy display, which toys best support skills for success in school and life, & Toy Rotation 101 pdf

"The Toy Edit showcases just how powerfully the child's home environment promotes their success at school and in life," says Christine Trimmer, who co-founded CASA with Aubrey Wallen. "It brings order, ease and fun back to the playroom - and everyone in the family!"

They also offer a la carte Toy Rotation packages if you just want a touch up, or some guidance on which Christmas toys to put out and which to store away for a bit. "Remember, less is more," says Trimmer. "Yes, having options out for your kids is a good thing, but too much choice feels overwhelming, especially when it comes to clean up time. So do yourself a favor and let us help you set up Toy Rotation."

CASA isn't your typical design or organization service, though. "We are more bang for your buck than a traditional organizer or designer as we have a tri-fold business model: organization, design, and parent education," explains Trimmer. "Educating the parents on how to use their new space and systems is what really makes us unique. We also frequently host workshops and post helpful tips to social that make life a little easier for parents and enriching for kiddos."

Trimmer says CASA services are an excellent resource to calm the chaos in the home, pandemic-related and otherwise. "Is your child struggling with picking up their toys? You need The Toy Edit. Is your child challenged with the transition between school and home and completing homework? You need our School by Casa add-on. Is your child a picky eater? We can help with that through our Kids in the Kitchen add-on. How about potty training? We set up bathrooms too and even offer phone calls to help walk you through this monumental developmental time," she adds.

Parents who want to feel confident in knowing that their home is set up for their child through each development phase can purchase one of the Toy Edit bundles so that Trimmer and Wallen visit your home periodically and help you transition your space.

“We absolutely love to see you time and time again, whether it is through being welcomed into your home for a Toy Edit or being invited to speak at your local moms group or child’s school, we want to be your friends!”

Speaking of friends, CASA co-founders are well respected in the local real estate community. "Homearama has been around for 40+ years and in all of those years there has never been a designer who created spaces specifically to promote children's development and help them become more confidently involved in day-to-day home operations like putting their toys away, cooking, and cleaning," says Bob Hines, of Oyler Hines Group. "Now there is CASA, and I think that is something to celebrate."

You can schedule your free 15 minute consultation with CASA here.