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The new Whitfield Apartments in Clifton are gorgeous, and people like Dr. Emily Miraldi (a scientist/artist savant) are reaping the benefits. / ADDRESS: 3240 Whitfield Ave. (45220) / Image: Daniel Smyth //Published: 4.1.17

The Gaslight District's Newest Luxury Apartments Are Here To Sweep You Off Your Feet

Clifton’s Gaslight District is among the most sought-after areas in Cincinnati — and, for good reason. It's young, it’s walkable, it's just a few miles from downtown, and it has several outstanding happy hours. Ludlow Avenue alone is crowded with bars, cafes, cookie shops, wine stores, yoga studios, and, of course, ye olde favorite movie theatre, The Esquire.

All of which explains why property developers would build The Whitfield just a few blocks away. It’s a 117-unit luxury apartment development in the Gaslight District, the first such development in 30 years. And it couldn’t have come at a better time for people like

Dr. Emily Miraldi

Miraldi is an assistant professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and a researcher of things that are, suffice it to say, very complicated but very cool. Let’s just hand it over to her for a brief left-brained interlude:

“I build mathematical models of the immune system with the goal of designing therapies for autoimmunity and cancer.”

Aaaaand we’re back. So, when Miraldi was relocating from her NYU apartment in Greenwich Village to Cincinnati (for ye olde incredible research opportunity), she decided on The Whitfield in the Gaslight District as her future residence. The rest is history.

Well, three months of it anyways (she hasn’t been here that long). But during those three months, Emily has made effective use of The Whitfield’s offerings:

  • Bike storage
  • 24/7 exercise facilities
  • Communal outside area with grills and a fire pit
  • Secured parking garages
  • Fenced-in dog run and pet spa

Miraldi also loves The Whitfield’s aesthetic. (So no one’s gonna ask what a "pet spa" is? Ok then.) She calls it a “thoughtfully designed building.” And she would know, being not only a mathematical-modeling wiz but also a skilled artist. Let her paintings in her apartment attest to her right-brain-itude.

And let her apartment attest to The Whitfield’s luxurious interiors. Yeah, those appliances are stainless steel. And yes, that kitchen has an island. Large windows, you say? These apartments have ‘em, and just look how much light they let in.

Best news is there are still a few on the market, meaning the charmed Gaslight District life that Miraldi is currently living could be yours. Get in contact with The Whitfield’s leasing office and start living it today.

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The Whitfield apartments are located at 3240 Whitfield Ave. in Clifton's Gaslight District.