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Simplify in Style specializes in home organizing and moving services in Greater Cincinnati
Simplify in Style specializes in home organizing and moving services in Greater Cincinnati
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Simplify in Style helps you Spring clean and organize like an expert

As a teacher, Danielle Boerger realized how much easier an organized space helped not only her students, but her too.

“An organized classroom allows for autonomy and independence in students. They can easily find and put away materials, and take part in the classroom community when everything has a place and system,” she explains. “This transfers over into our homes as well. A space with creative solutions facilitates independence, and creates a more peaceful environment where families can spend time together.”

As a mom of two little ones herself, she began implementing the same smart systems and organization techniques from her classroom into her home. After seeing how well they worked at home, friends asked her to do the same for their homes, and the idea for making it into a business - Simplify in Style - began in 2015.

Eventually, the business got so busy and she enjoyed it so much that she left her teaching career to fully focus on it.

Today, she’s the owner and lead organizer with nine other organizers who work for her. “Each of these amazing women bring a variety of skills to our business,” she says. “Everyone has different strengths and creative aspects. We also have a handful of former teachers on our team!”

They create home and office spaces that have a blend of both function and style. “You deserve a home or office that is beautiful, organized, and easy to maintain,” she explains. “Our team of organizers takes care of the entire process from planning and product sourcing, to organizing, labeling and even hauling away the donations.”

The most common projects they work on include: Organizing pantries, kitchens, storage rooms, basements, playrooms, home offices, garages, closets and bathrooms. People may not know that we do moving and relocation services, and office organization (i.e., stock room or employee break room).

They also have a maintenance/membership program, where the Simplify in Style team can help with seasonal rotations such as holiday decor put up and take down.

Boeger says her favorite part of her work is the creative aspect and personalization of each organization project, and also reaction she gets during final walk-throughs with clients. “I just love seeing their faces. It’s a mix of amazement, relief and happy tears when they see a space look and function better than they ever dreamed it to be,” she says. “I also love the creative aspect of the business. It's very rewarding to design unique spaces for each family that fits their needs.”

And the best part, Boerger says, is that their systems are designed to be easily maintained. “People are so happy and motivated! They love the results, and because the systems are designed especially for their individual spaces, they are motivated and feel confident that they use and continue the systems and solutions that we put in place.”

Boerger says the process begins with a free home consultation, and they create a quote. They design, shop, and source all items needed for your space. Then, on the day of the project, the team works with the client to declutter, edit, and categorize. The team then implements product, and labels.

“We don't just focus on the pretty space at the end, but we're really giving people back their time and taking away stress through our process,” she says. “We really cater to our clients' individual needs and get to know their family, and how they use their space so that we are creating a system that really works for them. It's not just a one size fits all solution.”

To learn more about Simplify in Style, visit or email. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.