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Nicole Nichols started a house flipping company called Revival Designs after years of working in a field in which she wasn’t 100% happy. Since switching gears and changing careers to embrace her dream, she’s been revitalizing Cincinnati area homes left and right. For more about Revival Designs, check out / Image: courtesy of Revival Designs

This Mom Quit Her Job To Professionally Flip Houses

“It has to get ugly before it can get pretty.”

Anyone who has seen one of those house-flipping shows knows this. It’s undeniably amazing how someone can turn something so broken and worn into something so beautiful. It almost makes you want to just buy a bunch of fixer-uppers and flip em’ yourself.

But let’s be real — most of us aren’t capable, or quite frankly, motivated enough, to turn those visions into realities. Luckily for us, there’s someone in our neck of the woods who is not only passionate about making ugly things pretty, but she’s really good at it, too.

Enter: Nicole Nichols of Revival Designs.

Nicole is a full-time house flipper and a stay-at-home mama who is living her dream making worn down homes beautiful again. Though she double majored in architecture and interior design, she realized the design world wasn’t for her. She decided to pursue a degree in Health Education where she stayed for 10 years while pursuing interior decorating as a hobby.


Once she made the decision to leave her job to take care of her son, she took on the challenge of flipping houses full time. Despite the financial risk and not quite knowing how or where to begin, she dove right in. Nicole founded her house flipping business, Revival Designs, and never looked back. Even though it took her a while to realize this was her dream job all along, she is always ready to embark on a new adventure.

Her biggest remodel to date, a four bedroom, two and a half bath in Pleasant Ridge, should be hitting the market this October. On top of everything else, she even offers affordable consulting services to those who need some advice for their own home remodeling or just a push in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the photo gallery above. And keep your eye out for Nicole’s future renovations!


Interested in Nicole’s consulting services? Feel free to contact her via her website.