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Mia Murray is a Cincinnati-based photographer specializing in real estate, wedding, engagement, and portrait photography. [Image courtesy of Mia Murray Photography, LLC]

Real Estate Photography, It's More Than Just Pretty Photos

Here's to the go-getters.We've all got dreams. We've all got talents. & More than likely, we've all got at least one little life-niche where we completely rock. You know, that one activity/ space/ etc. that allows you to do simply your thing, bring the magic, and shine like nobody's dang business.

Yep, to some degree or another, we've all got the dream. And we've all got some tools. BUT.

To bring all of those aspects together To align all of the pieces, transform them into a unified tool, and keep plugging away until those goals you've been clinging to since childhood finally become a reality To actually make your dreams happen...

That takes something else entirely.

Say hi to Mia Murray. This young entrepreneur/creative recently moved to the Queen City, transplanting her budding photography business (which is focused largely on real estate) from the Detroit area to our beloved Tri-State.

And, you guessed right, she hit the ground running.

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1) Give us a brief overview of your work. (What's Mia Murray Photography all about?)

I strive to establish a connection between the viewer and the subject in all of my photography. For example, in my real estate work, I focus on showing potential buyers what it feels like to be in a particular space, not just the space itself -- to generate a connection between the house and its potential to be a home. Photography is an emotional experience. I set out to evoke feeling in all of my work, whether it is of a room in a house, or of a bride & groom's first dance at a wedding.

2) What led you to focus your photographic efforts on real estate?

Photography is the most compelling way to grab someone's attention, and the single most effective way to market a home in today's demanding market. Buyers are online, and they expect a strong visual presence of a potential home before they go view it.

My goal as a real estate photographer is to not simply "document" the house but to demonstrate what it feels like to be in the home, to generate a desire to visit the listing.

3) What's your favorite style of architecture to photograph?

My personal favorite style of architecture to shoot is Victorian. I recently photographed the Old Morrison House in Clifton (Samuel Hannaford designed) and was excited about the opportunity to photograph a home that was built with such an attention to detail. I had never photographed anything like it, and the challenge it brought me has made it my new favorite.

4) Other than real estate what's your favorite subject to photograph?

I love photographing people. That being said, I love photographing people candidly. I love shooting weddings because I get to spend my time capturing moments that people are busy living. I then get to share with them not only what it looked like, but what it actually felt like as well. That, to me, is the single most powerful thing photography can offer, and that is why I love it.

5) What's on your photography bucket list (real estate or otherwise)?

My goals as a photographer do not include a bucket list. My goal as a photographer is not what I get to photograph, but how I photograph. That is my "bucket list." To shoot what I can, the best way I can while leaving the strongest impact possible through each and every photograph I take.

6) Camera of choice?


7) Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs (and/or photographers)?

Anytime someone asks me what I want to do with my life, the answer was and is and always will be, a professional photographer. So I did it. I love my job, and I love my independence. You learn so much on the path to becoming an entrepreneur that you simply wouldn't learn working for someone else. If you have the opportunity to do what you love and start your own business, do it. There is always a way.

8a) As a newly minted Cincinnatian, what have you found particularly enjoyable/ compelling/ inspiring/ etc.?

The river views! I love discovering and finding new places to admire the sights of the city. Being from Michigan, the thought of moving to Ohio was a tad daunting. Cincinnati is nothing like I pictured. It's beautiful. It is inspiring to follow my dreams (my photography business) and my love (who brought me here) in such a gorgeous city.

8b) What's taken the most getting use to?

Being five hours away from my family has been an adjustment. However, every time I think about going on a run or a bike ride, those hills they take some getting used to.

9) Interesting fact/ anecdote about yourself Go!

I did a photography internship with the Walt Disney Company, where I was a photographer at Epcot. I was recognized for my high shooting volume, shooting photo of the week at Epcot, as well as for the quality of images I was turning out for park guests.

10) Motto to live by?

"Capture the moment, not the pose" is my business motto, and has become a driving aspect of my life. Live for the moment, capture the moment, and most importantly, don't spend your life working for something you don't like or don't believe in. Don't pose, live.

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