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Image: IG @dr.espresso // Published: 8.16.17

This OTR Bathroom Has Turned Into A Viral Sensation Known As #PleasePotty

Most restaurants want to be known for their food. They want customers to be so into what that kitchen is doing that they become regular, weekly patrons.

I mean, that’s the goal, right?

With Cincinnati’s foodie scene on the rise in recent years, there are plenty of restaurants that have become weekly gastro-pleasures. And thankfully, there are always new places on the horizon that we can add to our lengthy “to-try” list.

But now, here’s where we throw you a curveball. Because while it’s best to be known for your food and service at a restaurant, it’s an entirely different thing to be known for your cool, colorful, and eclectic bathroom.

Let us introduce you to Please in Over-the-Rhine. Headed up by Chef Ryan Santos (who is also the owner), Please fires on all cylinders when it comes to pleasing (couldn’t resist) one’s palate. Check out these pics to see what we mean. But what we really wanna talk about is the semi-viral sensation known as #PleasePotty.

What? Huh?

Here’s the scoop: When people use the restroom at Please, they're so enamored with the decorative wall tiles that they can’t help but take a selfie — yes, in the bathroom — and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #PleasePotty. Usually, a trip to the bathroom is a private affair. Not the case at Please. We’ve spotted groups of 6+ heading into the water closet, sometimes even with a bottle of Rose. Apparently, you do what you gotta do to rise in the ranks of Cincy's selfie game.

338 #PleasePotty posts later and we decided to write about it.

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Please is a New American style restaurant located at 1405 Clay Street (45202).