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Stu Nizny, owner/ founder -- Pixel 19 Vintage is located at 211 Klotter Ave, 45219. [Image: Dan Sullivan]

Pixel 19 Vintage Delivers On What You Can't Find Anywhere Else

You've probably noticed it in the clothes of the city's most fashionable, or caught a hint of it at a party. These days, adding vintage pieces to a wardrobe or mixing them into a home's decor has never been more in style. Call it what you want -- the "Mad Men effect," a change in sentiment since the Great Recession, or just a general rediscovery of timeless craftsmanship -- but the fact remains

Vintage is here in a very big way. And it's here to stay.

The next time you're looking for a hard-to-find piece of fashion or accessory for your home, make sure you hit up Pixel 19 Vintage. Treasure hunting at this Klotter Avenue shop occurs by appointment only, but you won't be disappointed. Pixel 19 houses one of the largest collections of vintage clothing and home decor around.

"Vintage is timeless; it's unique," said owner Stu Nizny. "Vintage clothing was designed to last and be functional. These were statement pieces, and making them was a work of art. Back then, people took pride in their work."

Nizny, the child of parents he calls "flower children," grew up in Cincinnati. The family traveled often, and Nizny says that's what lit the spark for his love of all things vintage. He later turned that passion into Pixel 19, which pays homage to the past on a daily basis.

Though the store is just three thousand square feet, its collection is huge. Nizny says he has 100,000 vintage shirts alone. "I live and breathe vintage and retro," he said.

Over the years, Nizny has supplied items for Hollywood productions, Etsy artists, Ebay sellers, collectors, museums, costume designers, private companies, and individual customers. Much of his business comes from outside Cincinnati, which leads him to describe Pixel 19 as one of the best-kept secrets in vintage.

Want to uncover the secret for yourself? Set up an appointment and feel the retro love.

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To learn more about Pixel 19 Vintage, check out the store's website or Facebook page.