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MA Monday: Top Three Biophilic Principles of Design

Meet Jessica Glorius-Dangelo, MA Design Sustainability Manager and Project Captain, with the most impressive alphabet soup of professional Architectural credentials - AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, LFA, Fitwel Ambassador.

Having worked at architectural firms around the globe, and driving local, regional and national change for sustainable design, Jessica is committed to leaving this world better than she found it. Today, Jessica is talking all about biophilic design - a design style that draws from the natural world. This involves incorporating materials, colors, and visuals that occur in nature into one’s home.

As an accredited professional with LEED, WELL and LFA, Jessica is passionate about sustainability, and actively pursues ways to incorporate it into her designs to make each project the best that it can be. Jessica shares the top three ways to incorporate biophilia into a design project, giving you some insights on Architectural speak so you can impress your friends next time you’re out to dinner.

As a committee member of the Cincinnati AIA’s Action Team, designed to support diversity, equity and inclusion, Jessica is advocating for change and serving as an ally for those that need it most in our city, and communities, particularly in her mentorship work with K-12 students.

Working to break stigmas and shatter stereotypes, Jessica approaches her projects the same way she views the world – with value added to the influences, innovations and ideas that together create the best possible project outcome. Jessica has cemented MA’s status as a member and Professional Stakeholder for the Cincinnati 2030 District and is a 2021 Cincy Next Graduate, demonstrating her highly respected leadership within MA and the city of Cincinnati.

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