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Krombholz Jewelers carries a new favorite line, Platinum Born
Krombholz Jewelers carries a new favorite line, Platinum Born
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Krombholz Jewelers Goes Platinum (Born)

Krombholz Jewelers is one of the oldest jewelry stores in Greater Cincinnati. So, after 81 years, it's safe to say they've seen their fair share of jewelry and designer brands.

That’s why, when they say they're really excited about a new favorite line they're carrying, you know it's got to be good. Enter, Platinum Born.

"We absolutely love Platinum Born,” says Krombholz Jewelers Marketing Manager Kirtley Krombholz. "It feels great, sparkles constantly, and travels oh so well."

Being travel-friendly and versatile are increasingly important for customers, Krombholz says. Jewelry from Platinum Born is crafted to evolve and transform with the one who wears it, and it comes in a range of affordable luxury price points. The line features flexible, diamond-cut bead hoops, stretchable bracelets, and adjustable lariat necklaces.

“Many necklaces are adjustable so that you can make it your own and express your unique style,” Krombholz explains.

Platinum Born offers its wearer a modern, effortless style that matches every look and occasion, and can take you from day to night. Seven new pieces were recently added to the Platinum Born line and include three necklaces, two bracelets, and a multi-wear piece.

“As we currently see diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces making their way back to the front stage of the fashion world, diamond cut platinum beads provide a beautiful and cost-effective solution to this trend," says Krombholz.

Ideal for wearing or gifting in the holiday season, Kromholz says that you can see and learn more about the Platinum Born line on their website. Even better, you can check out the line in person at their store, located at 9399 Shelly Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242.