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Kohler Stargaze® 72" x 36" freestanding bath with straight shroud and center drain
Kohler Stargaze® 72" x 36" freestanding bath with straight shroud and center drain
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Wiseway Wednesday: Four Fab Plumbing Trends

Whether you're looking to completely overhaul your bathroom or just add a few modern touches, there are several new trends that'll make your bathroom feel like a luxe hotel. Our friends at Wiseway Supply share all the details.

Freestanding Tubs & Wet Rooms

We've seen a huge increase in demand for freestanding tubs! Customers are pairing it with a custom shower system and sometimes even creating a "wet room." This simply means the freestanding tub is occupying the same space as the shower. These areas usually are not fully enclosed, but benefit the homeowner in creating a much larger showering space. Open showering spaces are typically seen in the most luxurious homes. So it's easy to see why they're so popular! That, and the appeal of aging in place with a barrier-free shower entry is nice, too.

Smart Kitchen Faucets

The global pandemic made people innately aware of at least one thing: what they touch. With that came the willful acceptance of smart kitchen faucets. In fact, smart kitchen faucets, as compared to just 5 years ago, are now somewhat standard for most remodels and new builds.

For brands like Kohler and Moen, they work on motion-sensing technology, so they're touchless. Some models even offer voice activation! Imagine telling Alexa to pour you two cups of 90 degree water.

That means your hands - and your faucet - stay cleaner for longer.

The technology is no longer "glitchy". In fact, they're tremendously dependable. With smart features like water temperature and volume settings, they're handy to have!

Skirted & Smart Toilets

Skirted toilets, like pictured below, are what is selected 9 times out of 10 for a new build or remodel. Who wouldn't want an easier-to-clean toilet? No more cleaning your way around that trap way pipe on the side!

Did you notice that electrical outlet near the toilet? That's so you can upgrade that seat to a cleansing seat! The shortage of toilet paper in the United States during the pandemic pushed people to become familiar with bidet seats and bidet toilets! Homeowners have the choice to upgrade a "normal" toilet to include a cleansing seat or purchase an all-in-one intelligent toilet with a built-in bidet feature.

Bidet doesn't seem to be a taboo word any longer.

Handshowers & Slide Bars

With every remodel or new build, when it comes to the master shower, we always suggest purchasing a handshower. Whether it's fixed or on a slide bar, a handshower is handy (pun intended) in the shower space for multiple reasons.

We can't predict the future. A handshower is a huge benefit if you have to endure a surgery or procedure that makes showering a challenge. Cleaning the shower with a handshower is a huge upgrade to what we call the "cup method" when you throw a cup of water on your shower walls. Even if you don't clean your own shower, your cleaning company will be thankful you have one!

To learn more tips and trends, click here to check out our latest blog or book online for a free consultation.

Caitlin Skaggs is the Digital & E-Commerce Manager at Wiseway Supply. To learn more, visit here or call 859-292-1309.