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MA Design was created to design differently, with six specialty services, rooted in Architecture and Interior Design, and additionally offering Experiential Design, Futurism, Sustainability, and Productions (The Eden) / Image: MA Design

Designing differently with MA Design

When it comes to designing differently, MA Design is world-class, and they're leading some exciting developments right here in the Queen City.

"MA Design was created to design differently, with six specialty services, rooted in architecture and interior design, and additionally offering experiential design, futurism, sustainability, and productions," explains Seth Oakley, who is the MA Design principal and the director of MA Design's Cincinnati office.

The brand has offices in both Cincinnati and Columbus, and it brings 42 years of experience to the table as well as 135 industry experts within the organization. Thanks to this depth of experience, MA Design works together to provide a strong, innovative, confident team.

"MA Design encompasses all of your design needs - in house and all-inclusive," says Oakley. "This means no middle-people, and faster results with excellent communication from the first idea to final completion. Working with MA Design means greater outcomes for you by being able tow work from ideation to completion with one dedicated, diverse, and driven firm, designed to create a positive impact and they work toward their vision of enriching lives through innovative design."

Their design portfolio spans from healthcare to hospitality, education to experiential design, retail to industrial, multi-family residential to senior living, workplaces to community centers such as YMCAs, churches, and city buildings.

In addition to its exceptional client services, MA Design prides itself on diversity, equity, and inclusion. “Core to our values, we celebrate the diversity of differences, recognizing their value individually and their power collectively,” Oakley shares. “Our mission of enriching lives is driven by inclusivity. We’re always finding ways to engage everyone on our journey of innovative design, one that is meant to elevate human experiences and encourage a better future.”

In fact, MA Design increased minority hires by 20%, totaling over 14% of the entire employee population. Additionally, the brand has a 50/50 split of male and female managing partners.

“We are proud of our work toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are committed to continuous improvement; constantly seeking ways to better serve and support,” Oakley says.

You can learn more about MA Design and its services by visiting here.