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Daniels Homes is renovating these OTR Townhouses into LEED-certified dream homes. They're energy efficient, tax abated, and gorgeous inside and out. / Image courtesy of Build Cincinnati of Coldwell Banker West Shell

This Developer Is Building OTR's Green Home Credentials

The townhouses at 1405-1407 Elm Street in Over-the-Rhine are a fine example of renovation done right. Their historic character is largely preserved and they feature high-end luxury finishes that will surely attract new tenants to Cincinnati's most dynamic urban neighborhood.

The quality of that renovation extends into the townhouses' energy expenditure, bringing them into compliance with LEED certification.

What does that mean? We'll get into it later, but the super short version is this: The Elm Street townhouses are energy efficient and (here's the fun part) tax abated.

They aren't the only ones. Daniels Homes, the firm behind the renovation, seeks to build environmentally sustainable homes all over the city.


Jim Daniels of Daniels Homes believes that the economic and social well-being of communities is affected by their physical environments.

"We have an obligation to protect and preserve the physical environment, and we seek out partners who demonstrate that same commitment," he says.

Daniels Homes has pledged not only to build green buildings, but to build them in a green way. That entails learning and embracing ever-changing building practices.

It can mean being sensitive to site location to ensure the home is effectively oriented and has storm-water management. It can mean protecting natural resources by building efficient systems out of recycled and rapidly renewing materials delivered sustainably to the job site. Or it can mean something as simple as making sure all the debris are removed after the job is done and all recyclable building materials are in fact recycled.

None of that is easy, but the results are worthwhile. The LEED homes boast:

  • High indoor environmental quality, thanks to air filters that prevent volatile organic compounds
  • High efficiency through a selection of energy-efficient light fixtures, insulation, HVAC systems, ventilation systems, appliances, doors, and windows
  • High water efficiency thanks to a selection of plumbing fixtures and appliances, wastewater reuse, and efficient irrigation.


The Elm Street townhouses aren't Daniels' only LEED developments in the city. He has LEED custom homes in Hyde Park at 3556 Raymar, 3558 Raymar, and 3016 Erie.

Actually, they aren't even Daniels' only LEED developments in OTR. Say hello to 212 West 15th Street.

These single-family townhouses check all the right boxes: high-end luxury finishes, two-car garages, two (or more) bedrooms, covered porches. They're also minutes from Washington Park, Findlay Market, and Downtown.

The townhouses are expected to be completed around November 2016, so if you get in on one now you can still make custom selections.

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Are you interested in the Elm Street or 15th Street townhouses? Request more information here.

Daniels Homes is located at 9380 Montgomery Road, Suite 205, Cincinnati, OH 45242. Check out their website or give them a call at 513.791.6898.