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Wiseway Supply shares landscape lighting tips and trends

Celebrate Fall with these Landscape Lighting Tips and Trends

Every year, right before Halloween, our showrooms start to see an uptick in requests for landscape lighting. With the end of Daylight Savings time approaching, people want the warm glow and safety that landscape lighting can provide. Plus, landscape lighting creates an inviting way to visually and physically extend your outdoor living space.

When it comes to options of lighting your space, you can get pretty creative. For more techniques and expert advice for how to light your space, it's best to talk to your local Wiseway showroom consultant, but here are a few tips:

1) Layer your lights: For any good landscape lighting scheme, you should account for three layers of lighting:

  • Overall lights to illuminate an entire space such as decks and front porches
  • Task lights to illuminate a stretch of land, such as a walkway
  • Accent lights to emphasize one part of your landscaping setup, such as a fixture on your home or a tree

2) Focus on your home first: Your home is the center stage of your property and should therefore come first while designing your landscape lighting setup. Instead of first lighting your trees or peripheral yard areas, begin with a strong focus on your home. You can graze the brick with a soft up-lighting like pictured here by placing the fixture close to the home.

3) Use low-energy bulbs: LED lighting typically consumes far less energy than incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting. A 60-watt incandescent bulb requires 60 watts, while an LED bulb requires only 8 watts to produce the same amount of light. Plus, incandescent bulbs are sensitive to low temperatures and humidity, which can result in decreased performance and even breakage in inclement weather. LEDs can resist both hot and cold temperatures as well as humid conditions, so they're ideal for landscape lighting.

Not only is landscape lighting pretty and functional, but it can also improve your home's overall perceived value! In fact, studies show it increases your home's perceived value between 15-25%. So, feel confident you'll get a return on investment while lighting up new ways to enjoy your space!

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Caitlin Skaggs is the Digital & E-Commerce Manager at Wiseway Supply. To learn more, visit here or call 859-292-1309.