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A husband and wife team that loves working together to see the vision, create the design, build the pieces, and display the end result / Images: Twin Spire Photography // Published: 3.22.2021

Vintage Market Days Spotlight: Rustic Grains

Rustic Grains is one of many hand-selected vendors at the Vintage Market Days "Bloom" event coming up April 16-18 at the Greene County Fairgrounds & Expo Center. Learn more and get your tickets here.

The husband-and-wife team behind Rustic Grains wants to tell your story. "We all have a story to tell and all of our products help us tell that story," says founder Sarah Cox.

For the Cox family, that story started back in 2017 when they bought a new home and wanted all new furniture. "We decided to make all of it ourselves," says Cox. "When family or friends would come over, they asked if we could make them similar pieces."

And from there, the rest is history. The couple started selling their handmade products on Facebook and via word of mouth. Today, four years later, the story of Rustic Grains and the family behind it has been nothing short of astounding.

Seventeen months ago - just prior to, you know, a global pandemic - the Cox family’s life was turned upside down by a fire that devastated their house and home-based workshop in 2019. "I had just left my job to pursue Rustic Grains full-time two days before the fire," Cox says. "Then COVID hit, and I was like God, what is happening?"

But, while they lost so much in the fire and were forced to pivot business plans due to the pandemic, they found solace in the community that rallied around them. "People have stuck with us through the whole fire and COVID situation," says Cox. "We actually just got our workshop back up and operational and we're completing a job from right before the fire. They told us there's no one else they want to do it and they'll wait. It's clients like them that have gotten us through."

Cox says all of these tragedies, transitions, and pivots have been a testament to their faith. "We are a very faith-based company and God laid this name on our hearts," she adds. "Matthew 17:20 was laid in our hearts and we kind of ran with that scripture ‘Faith as a Grain of Mustard Seed.’ We have put our faith in God from the beginning to use our hands to create beautiful things with wood and the grains in each piece."

Today, Rustic Grains just celebrated their best year of business yet. "We started with working out of our home and garage building furniture and home decor," she says. "We now have a wood shop along with a dedicated shipping space and are going to be opening up a storefront in the next month."

When you shop Rustic Grains, you’ll find that they carry a wide variety of home decor and handmade items, all with a vintage farmhouse feel. "We feel that the items we hand make and sell are unique and can fit in any home or style," adds Cox.

In part of their shift to accommodate customers during COVID, Rustic Grains launched their Tuesday Night Trailer Sales, which have grown quite popular. "We sell out every Tuesday. It's crazy," Cox says. "Our situation is a little different since the fire that happened in 2019, and we are still trying to get our feet on the ground and recover from that. These trailer sales have helped tremendously with that."

Best sellers from Rustic Grains include handmade items such as the Mustard Seed Candles, the newly release Rustic Grains cookbook, their signature handmade lotion, everyday home decor and florals, and custom builds such as dining room tables.

"My personal favorite item we carry right now would be our Rustic Grains cutting boards," says Cox. "I love the character that they have and how unique each piece is."

Rustic Grains will be attending the upcoming Vintage Market Days event in April, something they’ve participated in for the last 3 years and have sponsored for the last 2 years.

"We love the promoters of Vintage Market Days and their teams," she says. "The staff is very accommodating and does so much work behind the scenes to make sure that both guests and vendors are taken care of in every aspect. We love the customer base that attends the markets and the overall vintage feel of the market"

At the April event, Cox says Rustic Grains will be bringing a brand new display to the market. "It will be debuting at Vintage Market Days and we can’t wait to tell the story behind the new display," she adds.

Vintage Market Days "Bloom" event is coming up April 16-18 at the Greene County Fairgrounds & Expo Center. Three barns will be filled with hand-picked vendors featuring vintage, boho, industrial, modern MCM greatness. Make a day of it with food trucks and vendors, live music, a comfortable sitting area, and free parking. Hours are 10am-4pm Friday and Saturday ($10 admission fee) and 10am-3pm Sunday ($5 admission fee). Children 12 and under free. Purchase your tickets early to get an hour of shopping in before the "buy at the door" ticket line is let in. Learn more and get your tickets here.

Learn more about Rustic Grains by visiting here.