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Vintage Holiday Sale celebrates 80+ years of Krombholz Jewelers selling vintage goodness. / Image: Krombholz Jewelers

Vintage Holiday Sale celebrates 80+ years of Krombholz Jewelers selling vintage goodness

At Krombholz Jewelers, they love vintage jewelry. Like, really love it. As in eight decades of loving it.

For 81 years, Krombholz Jewelers has been buying, selling, and even upcycling vintage jewelry. And to celebrate that in style, they're hosting a two-week-long Vintage Jewelry sale that kicks off on Black Friday.

"We always have a great selection of vintage jewelry here at Krombholz Jewelers, but for the sale, we'll have more than ever and special pricing," says jeweler Izzi Krombholz. "Plus, the kick off night on Black Friday, we'll have a little cocktail party, so it'll be a lot of fun and the very best selection of our two-week sale."

Izzi says she personally loves vintage jewelry because each piece is unique and tells a story. “They are some of the most unique pieces and perfect when you want to give a gift that’s truly one of a kind,” she adds.

Looking to do some holiday shopping? Izzi says vintage and antique jewelry is perfect for gift-giving. “Jewelry is a sentimental gift and there’s something special about a piece that has so much history and has been given as a love token years before and has stood the test of time,” she explains.

Izzi says buying vintage or antique jewelry, or even upcycling it, is a great way to shop responsibly. “While we love and keep many vintage and antique items in their original form, we also repurpose a lot of jewelry at our store,” Izzi explains. “For example, not many people wear brooches anymore, so we convert many of these stunning items into pendants. Stick pins make great ring tops, charms or pendants. There are so many creative ways to give antique pieces new life and become more relevant to shoppers today.”

As a quick guide, Izzi says antique jewelry is 100 years and older, Vintage is 20 years and older, while estate means previously owned. “We have the pleasure of carrying all three categories at our store,” she says. “Estate jewelry is also a great way to get designers at lower price points.”

The two-week-long Vintage Jewelry Sale kicks off on Black Friday with a cocktail party on Nov. 25 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Krombholz Jewelry is located at 9399 Shelly Lane, Cincinnati, OH, 45242. To learn more, visit

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