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Craft custom menus for in-home, intimate dining experiences. The At Home Chef hand-select every detail of your event, and use local products, sustainable practices, and decades of experience to prepare and serve an exquisitely unique dining experience. / Image: Twin Spire Photography // Published: 6.28.2021

The At Home Chef: Serving Up Amazing Meals and Memories

Eating at home is nothing new, especially after the past year. But with The At Home Chef, you can experience a custom fine dining experience like never before - all from the comfort of your own home.

"My goal is to create the best meal you'll ever have at home, and create memories that last a lifetime," says Owner and Chef Ken Durbin.

The memories he's created through his love for food dates back to when he was a young boy, and would visit his grandmother in Pennsylvania.

"Arriving at my grandmother's apartment in Pennsylvania was worth every minute of the six-hour drive," he says. "Her tiny kitchen was the first place I learned to love food. It was the place where I watched my grandmother cook with her bare hands. It was where I learned how local, fresh ingredients could change a meal. Where I would watch in amazement at her ability to create beautiful food and have fun doing it, no matter the circumstances."

When you dine with The At Home Chef, there's no work for you. Durbin's team does all of the menu prep, shopping, cooking and even cleaning.

"All you have to do is set your table and we’ll do the rest, including expertly cleaning your kitchen when we leave," says Durbin. "If you use your china, we clean it, polish it, and put it away. We take the garbage out and everything. It's like we were never there, the only things that remain after your dinner party are the memories made."

After the past year, Durbin's motto to "Enjoy Life" is more important now than ever. "I've always had that tagline, and it's a personal mantra I really believe in," he shares. "Now, after a year of not getting to be around people we care about, I love that my work allows people to get together, celebrate again, enjoy life, just soak it all in even more."

The enjoyment from cooking and creating custom meals is what inspires Durbin to do more than just "cook meals" for his clients.

"I am more than just a private chef," he says. “I want to recreate that feeling of my grandmother’s kitchen - this time, in your home. It’s my goal to create an intimate epicurean experience that combines your love for food with restaurant-quality precision.”

Since he first started cooking dinners at the homes of his clients in 2014, Durbin has never repeated a menu. “I print it out, and they get to keep it,” he says. “Everything is unique to the client, and their needs and wants. The one-of-a-kind menu differentiates me, and it makes it feel personal to the client. There are no limits.”

Durbin has seen his fair share of people celebrating, laughing, and enjoying the moment, which is what Durbin loves most.

“We hear continuously that it’s the most relaxed dinner they’ve ever had in their home,” he says. “They say there’s no way we could have done this on our own. They say it’s the most memorable meal I’ve ever had in their home.”

After all, as Durbin’s grandmother would say, “without love and a smile, your food will never be seasoned right.”

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